HNY on the 46A with Burberry Lip Velvet

HNY on the 46AYesssssss it is good to be back, if only to be ensconced once more in my personal photo studio.

The shades are via French Connection — stylish, and with great UV protection. I’ve experienced couture designer shades in the past, and I gotta tell ya, I am much happier and more impressed with the sunnies you can pick up on the High Street. Although I suspect that the name brands are solely for wear in airports.

For wear anywhere: Burberry Lip Velvet in Military Red. It is the perfect matte blue-toned red lippy, that lasts and lasts as long as you don’t eat — also designed, I suppose with your A-listed Size Zero in mind, I suppose.

Nevertheless, us real woman can get a lot of joy out of this. I am still off kilter from The Lag, and find I’m not hungry for dinner until 11.30 pm. Not helpful from a metabolic point-of-view, but great for making the makeup last.

It retails for €27, and if anyone has stockist info, plz advise; the phone lady at BT was all like, I’ve never heard of it, and you know that the phone lady at BT knows everything. < Not bein’ snarky. She totally does.


Happy New Year!


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