It’s Just a Twist to the Left! NUXE Nuxellence Jeunesse

Rocky Horror Picture Show? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I don’t know if I am excessively klutzy or not, but my heart sang at the sight of the design of Nuxe‘s imminent {February} launch of their new skincare product, Nuxellence Jeunesse. I may just be a packaging nerd. Probs a bit of both?


JEUNESSE LIDIt’s so clever and handy! There’s no cap to slip through your fingers and bounce onto the floor! It is great! Except there is some gap in the neural network in my brain that retains ‘which way to turn the top to open this’, or whatever, so now I will sing that song in my head all day, because it has become my mnemonic.

Speaking of Time Warps!

This is Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid, and is designed to counteract the damage done by UV and pollution. It works by giving your mitochondria the will to live — or at least rejuvenate them for as long as mitochondria live. I mean, cells, they come and go, right? Can you tell I spend all my time drawing pretty pictures of the epidermis in biology, and no time a’tall actually listening?NUXELLENCE B&B

Anyway: all the natural ingredients that Nuxe have gathered together — passion flower, anchusa and poppy, hyaluronic acid, maca root and olive leaves — combine to repair 43% of damaged cells.

As always with Nuxe: the fragrance is spot on: fresh, clean, natural, healthy, and not overpowering.

I am using this like a serum, in that I top up with moisturiser after I let it sink in. It may just be my skin in this crap, crap weather, but my face felt really tight after application.  This is a good sign of youth, the tightness, but it wasn’t comfortable. But hey: any excuse to use lashings of the Crème Fraîche de Beauté collection, also from Nuxe.

How’s that earworm working for ya?


Nuxellence Jeunesse retails for €49.


But it’s the pelvic thru-u-u-st/That really drives you insay-ay-ay-ay-yayne…


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