When Worlds Collide, Pt. 2: Benefit Eyeshadow Kits and That Magic Mischief

I adore BeneFit’s package design, and I find the line they do in kits to be excellent. Look at these!

BENEFIT eyeshadow 1

I’d be a big fan of neutrals, myself — but there neutrals, and then there are neutrals. The San Francisco brand has divided them into three lots: from left, Most Glamorous Nudes Ever, Sexiest Nudes Ever, and Easiest Nudes Ever.

All three come with the usual helpful Instant Beauty Tips and Tricks, with looks that suit either daytime or playtime. You get four powder shadows and two creaseless cream shadows — I am a fan of the THAT MAGIC MISCHIEFlatter, and  have found them to be great even on their own.

So: worlds have collided because my new novel, That Magic Mischief, has magic in it! Not just in the title! And my heroine, Annabelle Walsh, an American writer with Irish roots {hey, waaaaaaait minute!*}, considers herself to be an over-the-counter witch. She certainly has a way with the Tarot cards!

And these boxes have fortune tellers on them! Amaze-crystal-balls!

The Benefit kits are on counter in March; me buke is available for download on Monday, 11 February.


Benefit World Famous Neutrals Eyeshadow Kit: €34.50/£23.50/$30


Please to find That Magic Mischief here, for Ireland and the UK, and here, for the USA. Thanks!


*NOT autobiographical in any way! Except, you know, the usual authorial, poaching-from-life thing.


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