Take it Alllll Off: Ayvo Sonic Facial Brush

How clean is clean? I mean, I wipe down my face every night, with Clinique Clarifying Toner still being my fave, and Weleda Aknedoron Cleansing Lotion being a very close second. I cleanse in the shower — long boring story about my crap water heater + making a splashy mess at the sink — and exfoliate a lot.

Since I’ve gotten my eyelash extensions, though, I feel like I haven’t really been getting in there. This is a reflection of how badly I treat my eye area, how rough and tough I am on my poor wee face. How can I do both? How can I gently but thoroughly get off all the makeup and dead skin and whatnot?

May this help?

AYVO package

The Ayvo Sonic Facial Brush is a high street version {= less expensive} of the original Clairsonic brush {= expensive.} It comes with three attachments: a spongy one for applying mosituriser, a lighter-bristled one for sensitive skin, and pictured below, the one for normal skin.

AYVO standing

The brush perches securely on its slip-proof stand, takes 4 AA batteries, and is suitable for use in the shower. It’s okay, I’ve done it, and am here to tell the tale. I always worry about using things that have motors in running water, call me crazy. But I’ve used other, over-the-counter facial scrubbing things that run on batteries, and like those, this one is perfect for use during one’s ablutions.

The thing with the over-the-counter facial scrubbing things was the disposable pad you had to affix on them. The packaging wasn’t the best, and I found that the pads dried out fairly quickly. I was quite happy to see not only the range of brushes accompanying the Ayvo, but also the ease with which they attached to the handle.

Too easy? Maybe: if you press the brush too hard against your face then the brush tends to wobble off its axle. This is annoying, when one is naked under a rush of water and is a bit squinty from the cleanser on one’s face. You’re not suppose to be pressing it that mightily, in fairness — there I go again, scouring my face like it was the floor!

How’d it do? I am very happy with it. It doesn’t solve my ‘hating the splashy mess of cleansing over my sink’, but using it in the shower has been terrific, and I come out glowing even more than usual. You can also use this twice a week or so with an exfoliating scrub, and I’ve found that to be really effective. But again, don’t be like me and smash the brush into your face: the rotating action + my excessive application of pressure =’d a big glob of exfoliant into my eye. *Gahhhhh!*

My face feels itchy just thinking about all the dead skin sitting there, clinging to old makeup. Off the showers!


The Ayvo Sonic Facial Brush retails for €71.99 from http://www.JMLdirect.com


3 thoughts on “Take it Alllll Off: Ayvo Sonic Facial Brush

  1. I have been looking for the Ayvo for a while after reading your review as i’m based in Australia but have managed to get one from http://www.faceache.com.au . Its a great product I havent used a clarisonic before so cant compare but it certainly does the trick . Its quite bulky so for very small hands it might be a bit tricky to hold but thats the only negative point. The moisturising head is great for deep moisturiing.

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