I Used It All Up: Clinique Clarifying Toner

Which, given this, is maybe not that big a surprise. I use it and use it, then I get distracted by other products that I need to test, and then I go back. It’s kind of like the way dysfunctional relationships work, except… this is totally functional. Clinique’s Clarifying Toner knows I love it.

I mean, I have developed a grá for Cleanance Purifying/Mattifying Toner, and often turn to Sisley’s Eau Efficace for succor, but when I feel like I need to really get clean, this is my only man.

Here’s a very noir-y shot of the all used up bottle.

CLINIQUE TONER USED UPLooks as empty as I feel.


I used this all up, too. What have you used all up?


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