LOTD: No 7 Stay Perfect™ Lip Stain

Here’s a Pro Tip®: always try to match your lippy to your surroundings.

Oh, okay, not really. This was just a happy accident!


This is also, as it says in the headline, No 7 Stay Perfect™ Lip Stain, in Ballet. It looks like it belongs in the mauve end of the spectrum, but applies rather more strongly than that. I’d prefer it to look the way it does on the cap, as far as that is ever possible anyway, but am delighted that it’s matching the big KISS Magazine logo on the poster behind me.

Lip stains have come a long way. There was one iteration, lo these many years ago, whose brand shall remain nameless, that was horribly drying, despite the liquid gloss that came with it. It also had the worrying/disgusting/completely weird habit of crumbling off the lip. Like, it would ball itself up right there on yer gob, due coffee drinking or talking — anything that made your mouth move.

This doesn’t do any of that crazy stuff. It applies well, but it does seem to bleed a little around certain edges. And you will need the gloss that is situated at the opposite end of the wand, because as lightly as it lays, it is still a bit drying.

I do like it, regardless, and am keen to try the brand’s BB Lips Beauty Balm, too!


Available in Boots: €12.95.


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