Maybelline Colossal Color Shock Mascara: Unleash Your Inner 80’s Rock Chick

Or, reawaken, as the case may be.

Also, or: maybe New Wave Chick? Either way, this stuff is fun.

MAYBELLINE COLOR SHOCK 1That’s two coats worth of Electric Blue. What comprises a coat, in fairness? I go over and over the lashes, and then let them set, and consider that a coat. This may be incorrect.

Well, The Internet says, essentially, one swipe of the brush is a coat. I suspected as much — not sure I agree. Shock Mascara openI’m sticking to my personal definition, thanks, and even if by The Internet standards, the above lash look resulted from, like, ten coats, I don’t care. It’s fab, and I wasn’t expecting it to look so well.

I suppose I had low expectations because of my experience with colouredy mascaras during the actual 80s: they either gave no pronounced colour at all, or were of such a low standard that they produced nothing but clumps.

This went on like a proper mascara. The first ‘coat’ was barely discernible, and I felt justified in my prejudice. Then I gave it another go, and was delighted and impressed. Then I went completely cray — because at this time my Inner 80s Rock/New Wave Chick was fully revived – and put some on my lower lashes. I don’t know what’s stopping me lashing on some crazy eyeliner, except I have to go get my laundry out of the dryer and might meet someone on the stair.

MAYBELLINE COLOR SHOCK 2I think there is a purple one*, which I think would be better for blue eyes. If you have brown eyes, I bet this will look amazzzzzzing. Brown-eyed girls, go get it and see, and send me pictures!

Off to listen to The Go-Gos!




*Yes, there is a purple, but we can’t have it here. Were we bad and we didn’t even know it??

**Price point alert! Not good!


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