Buy This: Clarins Paris and FEED Partnership Gift Set


Don’t want to get all preachy or anything, but here’s an effective way to do something useful.

Clarins Paris and FEED have joined to raise money, via the United Nations World Food Programme, via via this very handy and roomy beauty purse. It’s made of sturdy burlap with a very dependable-looking zip — you cannot be too careful about the quality of a zipper — TWSS, lol.

Seriously: it comes with three very decent-sized Clarins products. I am a fan of the Beauty Flash Balm, and like the looks of the Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs. The Hand and Nail Treatment Cream I could take or leave — could this be the hand product that will dispel my ambivalence towards hand products???

Retailing for €24, worth €42, and in stores now, it’s a useful treat in aid of doing a good deed: 10 meals will be provided to children in need, all around the world, thanks to this purchase.

DON’T KILL ME: what a great Christmas gift, right?


Lads, for real, it’s practically flippin’ September. It’ll be here before ya know it.


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