I Used It All Up: Clarins Paris Double Serum

In happier times.

In happier times.

I had talked to Debbie McVicar from Clarins Paris back in February about the newly launched Double Serum, and seven months on: all gone.

I am particularly bereft because a more recent meeting with Debbie resulted in my using it at night rather than in the morning, as I had been doing. You can use it both times! If you want to! But as per her suggestion, I tried it at bedtime, and really, really liked it, and felt I awoke particularly glowy on the following days.

I liked it so much, that yep: used it all up.

Now, okay, seven months seems like a long time, but it’s not, not really, not when you consider that I’ve tried & tested at least ten serums in that time. Given that, the fact that I squeezed every last drop out of this dual-dispenser, and considered trying to pry open the top to get the last bit out, is as I like to say, sayin’ something.

I am all about minimisation of the pores just now, and this was one of the benefits that I felt this product actually produced.

CLARINS all gone

Hey! I think there is maybe one more pump left in the old girl. *LOL*


€69.50/£49.50/$85 {for 30mls.}


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