How About A Quickie? Lancôme DreamTone Facial at Arnotts

Is a 20 minute facial enough? It usually takes me a good while to relax into the vibe of a beauty room, but I am willing to train myself to let go faster, if it means enjoying a facial the like of Lancôme’s, on now through September in Arnotts, using DreamTone, the newest skin tone-evening, dark spot-eradicating product on the market. Three tones have been created to suit all skins, which mainly works, as the tone of the product itself isn’t all that overwhemling, which is a good thing. It’s a bit creamy for a serum, in my opinion, but it gives a lovely sheen to the skin while it is doing its complexion enlivening thang.

DREAMTONEThe cost is €40 against purchase, which is great, because I can totally rationalise 50% off the price of the serum {€87}; you can of course, use it against purchase of any of the products. I have to say, I’ve got my eye on the Hydra Zen Neurocalm Moisturiser, as I am very into its gel aspect, and how soothing and cooling it is on my skin.

The protocol packs an awful lot into those 20 minutes, so yeah, it’s plenty of time to do something nice for your skin…
> The facial starts with a double cleanse, using Galatéis Douceur.
> Your skin gets a thorough but gentle scrub with Exfoliance Clarté.
> The Hydra-Intense Masque follow; Sheena, my expert aesthetician, called it a ‘drink of water for your skin.’ {It felt like it.}
> A 10 minute hand massage is administered while the masque is let do its work.
> After the masque is removed, the Dreamtone is applied, also accompanied by a gentle massage.
> The whole biz is sealed with the application of the Hydra Zen Neurocalm Moisturiser.

Don’t worry about going out into the rest of the store, much less the world, with a naked face: you’ll be offered the chance to have some foundation applied, if you wish. Me, I was happy enough to go forth, glowing.


Ring 01 404 0400 {ext 371} to book.


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