Pretty In: NYC Appelicious Glossy Lip Balm, Pink

This was on the Bitchface of the Yesterday, whenever that yesterday was, and it deserves a post of its own. Is so pretty:
NYC Applelicious Pink 1

It’s so light, too and yet the pigment is robust, and it feels like a balm even if it looks like a lippy. I have APPLELICIOUS PINKalso tried Caramel Apple which conveys the lightest layer of glittery reflection, but it doesn’t have nearly the heft of this.

Which is grand: it is a balm after all. I find coloured balms to be attractive in that they do impart both healing qualities, and a bit ‘o tint, but sometimes… sometimes you just want your cake and apply it, too. I like the soft feel of this, but also like that it looks like something as well.

Look at the little apple! That smears away fairly sharpish, but as signature touches go, it is adorbz. The apple itself is the balm-y bit, and even if it gets all covered in the outer core of colour, it still works.

Staying power? Pretty good, considering that any balm isn’t generally known to, or wanted, to linger on the surface.

These are a snip at €2.49! And perfect for the lowering weather. And again: such a pretty colour.
NYC Applelicious Pink 2


At chemists nationwide, and other places where you’d think to find it, in fairness.


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