Have You Ever Used Up a Lippy? Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

I don’t think I ever have, even before I began to enjoy the beauty-journo perquisites.

I am close to using this all up! In the case of Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butter, it is not merely down to propinquity, but its rich, luxurious texture.

Propinquity because it is near to the computer I sit at when designing at TV Now Magazine two days a week. When the morning’s lip gloss/stick wears off, and I have maybe forgotten to put it in a pocket, or am too lazy to dig it out of my shoulder bag {SRSLY}, I have been reaching for this, and have been very happy.

In fact, there are days when I am like Where is my fabulous little lip butter? and remember it is not at home.

That texture is down to being loaded with mango, coconut and shea butter; a gel formula is mentioned in its description across t’Internet, but ‘lip gel’ isn’t as delicious-sounding as is butter. Whatevs: this has a balm-y feel that I love, and I reapply it the way I do a lip balm, even if the colour doesn’t need it.

Almost all gone!


^ O.M.G. Okay, I realise that currency conversion is a fluid, fluctuating thing, but the difference in price here is shocking and appalling. No wonder we all go crazy shopping in the States!


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