Kardashian Beauty Lip Lacquer in Shocking Pink is Shocking Because:

photo-7{Post updated with re-branded, ligitised name}

A} It’s not this.
B} I always feel morto liking a celebrity brand of anything.
C} I don’t know where to buy it, how much it costs, or anything and I don’t care and am posting anyway.*
D} I had to google the colour, because even with my specs, I couldn’t read any of the information on the bottom of the tube. I suspect that means I am probs too old to be sporting this. {Please feel free to dispute this in the comments.}
E} It is light and yet the pigment is so matte and so not drying.
F} It’s pointy! Thin and pointy, and it dials up, and you don’t even need a lip pencil, which I would usually recommend with something as matte as this.
G} I like allll the colours, and would spend my own actual money on Babydoll Pink and Love Hangover.

Like I said: shocking!


Anybody know where to get this stuff? Boots isn’t giving me any joy…

* Thanks, internet! {In the form of Aoife} Available on http://www.sammccauley.com and cloud10 beauty, €13.99. IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE TO NOT KNOW SOMETHING.



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