Lucky Thirteen of 2013: Best Headline Meets Best Relaunch?

I think so.

DDML+ livin large

As seen in The Loop, T2, Dublin Airport

Is this the best display of a product ever? Oh, yeah.

The Internets were quite vocal about the relaunch of the beloved Dramatically Different Mositurising Lotion with the new +, with many complaining about the change in texture.

Me, I had grown up using this, and in my new life as a beauty journo, I had so many other things to try that this fell by the wayside.

I personally found that this felt richer than it had, and therefore believed that the primary innovation, that of strengthening the skin’s own moisture barrier, seems entirely plausible.

All I know is, it feels terrific to me, and I’m happy that the auld big yellow bottle is back in my skincare line up.


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