Lucky Thirteen of 2013: Iseree Cotton Pads, The Unsung Hero

ISEREE cotton pads €.79These are 79¢. For 120 pads.

I was happy enough to leave it at that and post. I mean, even for Lidl, that is so cheap. Also: cotton is compostable/recyclable. You can do allll your face stuff — cleanse, tone, micellar water, pore minimiser — willy nilly, safe in the knowledge that you are being thrifty and green.

I’ve also found that these are the same all the time, which is not always the case with value brands. You buy a thing, and get used to the way it is, and then somebody takes a notion to either make it ‘better’, or more likely, try to make it even more cheaply, and the quality is destroyed — not the case here, which is great.

120 ÷ 3/day = 40 days of cottony goodness. I mean, approximately. Then there are the days when you have to use a million of them to remove the sparkly nail varnish whose base is apparently super glue, the days when you go a bit mad with the smokey eye, the days when your skin just feels… dusty, or something, and you’ve just got to use that cleansing water yet again.

Heart u Iseree Cotton Pads! Don’t ever change. And I mean that.


That’s .79 euro-style cents, peeps.


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