Can This Actually Possibly Work?!? Marc Anthony Instant Highlights

INSTANT HIGHLIGHTSThe actual dream hair product, as far as I’m concerned, is some class of root-touch-up biz. Like a mascara wand that dispenses blondey goodness. There is already a product that I have called Color Wow Root Touch Up, about which I will write someday, but the brush applicator — like a small blush brush — makes it tedious, if worthwhile work.

Googling in America yields better results than at home, and there were in fact many options when it came to stretching out the time between colouring: there’s a brush that dispenses what looks like dry shampoo, a brush that looks like onea dem yokes that doles out under-eye concealer, an aerosol spray can… Darn it, have to go to Sephora!

Failing the roots, pumping up the highlights seems like a good way to distract from the quickly encroaching gray, so I didn’t even think twice when I snapped up Marc Anthony’s Instant Highlights. Why did his name ring a bell…?

Not the ex of Jennifer Lopez. This memory has the frisson of high school, a chilly vibe that isn’t entirely pleasant. God knows, The Hair has some crazy, perm-y times in that era, and the minute I read that brand name I shivered and cringed simultaneously.*

Nevertheless! Instant highlights! I ask you! I do not even know how many of my dollars were required to purchase this, I grabbed it and intend to go ahead and use it.



Well, this picture will have to suffice, 10 JANUARYeven though it is much after the fact. And small with it, because it didn’t really work. I cop to being crap at applying the product, because fiddly + impatience = imprecision, but it’s not all bad.

So: you spray it on your dry hair, and then straighten the lock with a flat iron. There is a terrifying/satisfying sizzle when the doused hair meets the hot plate. I very clearly made the locks of hair too big, and I basically baked a sort of overall colour into my hair.

Not the intention of the product! But: hard to do by yourself, maybe? If nothing else, it got me over the Christmas holidays, and perked up the last round of highlights, which I had found dull.

I did eventually find a root-touch-up-aerosol thingie, but that’s a story for another day…


Googling resulted in this and this, neither of which I could find in an actual Sephora outlet.


*Anyone? Is it a Jerz thang?


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