Prodigious Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe It: NUXE Prodigieux Le Parfum


In the very first series of posts I did on this blog, NUXE PARIS’ Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Use Body Oil figured largely, and then I wrote about it again when they improved upon perfection by issuing a 20th anniversary spray bottle. And now this!

I had some lovely and atmospheric shots from the launch, but then I upgraded to a 5S, and all the photos I took after I had last backed up disappeared into the ether, so: soz, only a bottle shot. It really does look like that, that lovely gradation from dark to light, and in the way that French attention to detail is so perfect, the scent has that feeling of gradation as well.

In fact! I have just read the press materials and am delighted to have read this quote from ‘nose’ Serge Majoullier, who developed the fragrance:

“I had sexiness in mind with the sun by my side and the sea on the horizon.”

Ha! Got it, even without having swotted up. And fair play to the designers, et al, because the vibe should really transmit without having to read a bunch of words, and so it has.

Equally, all scents ought to gradate, I suppose, what with top notes and dry downs and what have you, but this seems to actually do it according to plan, starting out a little bit light and sweet, and ending up rich and deep.

This is extraordinarily luscious, and of course works best when you’ve covered yourself with the Huile. The EDP is not exactly the same scent as the oil, but they are, of course complimentary. Layering allows both scents to last and last, and there’s a kind of… subtle sexiness to combination, a sophistication that’s not cynical.

Inspired to flights of fancy, me! That was some proper perfume-writing-style right there. I do wish there was a course on perfumery, or something? I would love to study this biz in more detail… Until then, I’ll just make it up as I go along.


Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum (50mls) is €48.50, and available at Arnotts from 13th February, and in chemists nationwide from 3rd March.


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