Kardashian Beauty Joystick in Babydoll Pink: Is Cute

It is, and I love it, I love it as much, maybe more than Shocking Pink.
KARDASHIAN Baby Doll Joystick
> Because it is lighter, it’s easy to reapply without looking.
> Sometimes a nude lip with a smoky eye just gets so boring, right? This is a little pop of colour, but not too much. Not that you can’t do a smoky with colour, I’ve certainly done so in the past, but I do find the best impact is made with a not-bright gob.
> Staying power is spectac.

I will say, though:

> The pointy doesn’t last, because of obvious reasons. It’s still skinny enough, though, so that’s something.
> I got the Retro Red because it looked like the perfect, blue-toned Hollywood rouge, but it’s not — at least not on me. It went all warm, and that simply doesn’t suit me a’tall.

Regardless: loving the Joysticks! Still have my eye on Love Hangover. Clearly can’t get enough of these — am positively cross-eyes with adoration.


Available from sammccauley.com and cloud10 beauty, €13.99.


3 thoughts on “Kardashian Beauty Joystick in Babydoll Pink: Is Cute

  1. Why am I not surprised that the Kardashian sisters have something called a joystick in their makeup line? I am not sure I can get past that long enough to focus on the actual product.

    • I KNOW. I am as morto as when I fell in love with the Madonna fragrance.
      Most of the line is hit and miss, but these are pretty amazing. You can buy online, with no one the wiser…

      • I would totally use a Kardashian makeup product without fear of censure, mostly because I don’t care what people think. I just find it hilarious that they used the term joystick for one of the products. :)

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