NYX Lipstick Misnamed, But Still Okay By Me

Sure, it’s not their fault really. How could NYX know? I don’t blame them, in fairness. But see, they named this lippy Harmonica, of all things.
NYX Harmonica 1
In fact, it really ought to be called Sue’s Sophomore Year in High School.
NYX Harmonica 2
Or even more simply: The 80s. Oh, the frostiness! The pinkiness! I am loving this and I do not care. It is easy to apply without looking, it actually lasts long so you needn’t even worry much about the former, and it. is. so. frosty.

I am finding the NYX line in general to be rather hit and miss: tried a mascara that was not good — very dry to apply and didn’t take a second coat — but am hoping to get to the fab eyeshadow palette Love in Paris A La Mode soon, and equally hoping I like it.

But this? In all but name, it is pure perfection.


NYX Round Lipstick, €5.49; available in pharmacies nationwide.


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