Snap! Judgement: Seventeen Eye Eye Crayon and Stay Pout Lipstick

Both got a big ‘Ooh!’, especially the eye crayon. Look!
SEVENTEEN Eye Eye Pencil
Bright, shiny — amazing pigment! I was going to say that, as this is a Snap! Judgement, I am only reacting to peeling the Eye Eye Crayon in Jewel out of its little plastic protection, not about putting it on my actual face, so I don’t know anything about application/wear… except them I did this:
SEVENTEEN Stay Pout Date Night
I just couldn’t help but try it. Nothing like a red lip, eh? Stay Pout in Date Night is meant to stay put, and I must say it certainly does. I took it for a walk down the village to do my messages, and it drew no end of notice — maybe because it was a Sunday afternoon, and who wears red lipstick on a Sunday afternoon to go to Tesco? {Me!}

It’s meant to have moisturising waxes in it, as any matte-ish lippy that is meant to last can often be drying… the waxes worked on application, but I must say that by the time I was mooching around in the deli section, my lips were feeling rather dry. And me without a balm to hand? When I wear this again, I’ll know better.

Price points for the entire line look to be, mainly, less than a tenner, and the colour range on the lipsticks and the eye crayons are just what you need. There’s an Instant GLOW Skin WOW Tan that looks verrrrry interesting…


Eye Eye Crayon: €5.09
Stay Pout Lipstick: €5.69
Instant GLOW Skin WOW Tan: €7.59

Available at Boots nationwide.


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