Okay: Why I Have Fallen Behind as Regards Avon ANEW Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

{I’d like to be nominated in the category of World’s Longest Blog Post Title.}

So, what happened was, I got Botox*, and for weeks, many weeks that may have even added up to a month or so, I was afraid to put anything on my face. I was afraid to even touch it too much. Yeah, crazazay, I know, but even the gentlest exfoliant scared me to bits.

The last thing I was going to do was to finish trialing a thing that was purported to be 79% as effective as professional microdermabrasion, mainly because in my naivety, I wasn’t sure my entire face wouldn’t fall off, in case I put something on it that reacted badly with The B.

I am finally at one with the ‘work’, and understand that it would have been okay to attend to my face again, after 24 hours — make that a week? A week sounds safe…  Anyway, I can do stuff to my skin again.

Now, I am preparing to self-tan, for the big summer push in the Herald, and half the discolorations on my face are going to get all bronzed up, but hey, let’s prepare the canvas as best we can, right?

I’ve got this handily situated on the sink, next to the thing that holds my toothbrushes and paste, so I can see it every day, and will remember to use it.

Impressions so far:
> Its consistency is thick, and I find that the squeezy thing on the dropper isn’t that great. I am not getting a whole dropper-full of product.
> I am not meant to get a whole dropper-full of product! Little under half an inch/1.5 cms is enough, even for my roundy face.
> It tingled when I put it on for the first time {in the long time between the first first time and this, the second first time.}
> It didn’t tingle so much when I used it again.

The prescription is to use this morning and night, but I think night will be enough for me. Or not! as the case may be.

Right, so: officially paying attention to this now. Back to you in a week! {Promise!}

*I’ve just created a new category for the whole saga, so do click on it and read all about my intensely emotional reaction to the jabs.

Who Says Men Don’t Notice?

I mean, we know men notice, but I’m talking about the details here. The details that thrill us women, that we reckon will only thrill other women.

We’ve proof from the West that this is not so.

A reader writes:

Susan! A gentleman in a B&B in Galway was VERY taken with the Avon Seabreeze nails this morning. Was a little taken aback by his enthusiasm, but Avon have definitely one secured sale!!!

I’d love more details re: what the enthusiasm entailed, exactly, ahem.

There’s the man-magnet colour itself, nestled between Starry Sky and Viva Pink, and there it is, in the wild, on my big toe — I couldn’t bear to run that image full size again, but you get the idea. Even on my manky, manky toes, Seabreeze is clearly a beautiful, sexy, fun colour.

It’s great, fresh, and not-to-green, the perfect shade with which to bring in the Spring, as well mesmerising the male patrons of accommodation in Gaillimhe.

Here’s some pertinent info: you can’t buy Avon in the shops. Which I kind of knew, growing up in the culture of Avon Ladies, who are now called Independent Sales Representatives. Ring 01870 6540 or visit www.avon.ie to find a representative near you.

Plus, all purchases come with 100% money back guarantee, so should your manicure fail to enthrall the males in your vicinity, you can cash in your chips, or maybe try another one. That Viva Pink looks pretty saucy…

AVON Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel is €8

It’s Almost Officially Spring…

… and I am so behind on my spring make up. Here’s a slice of Papaya from the Clarin’s Gloss Prodige line (€17/£15.50/$20), which does not look papaya-esque in any of the photos, nor in the ones I tried to take with my ubiquitous iPhone, but on the applicator! Eeeeeee, it is corally, which I have to say I avoid like the plague. Except! It looks well on the lips. It’s magic, maybe? I don’t know, but I have a feeling I’m going to use this one right up.

Got Chanel! Again, so late to the spring make up party, so I only {only! Oink, oink} got the Perfection Lumiere Longwear Flawless Fluid Makeup (€44/£36/$55) and the Blush Horizon de Chanel (€55/£46/$58), the latter being a limited edition. I haven’t used either officially yet, meaning: they haven’t walked out the front door after having been applied to my face, but I did swipe a bit of the PL on my hand and ohh, it looked like it would luminate perfectly, just as it says on the tin. As for the blush, it is so pretty I want to just prop it open in front of me all day; I tried a bit of that on the hand as well, using the supplied brush… well, I’ll give it a go with my trusty kabuki, and we’ll see if I have a better outcome. {So prettttttty…}

I’ve also had Avon’s Smoke and Mirrors Limited Edition knocking around for a while, and I must say, I have been loving the lippys (€9/£7/$7). I’ve just lashed on some Purple Hazed: it’s lightweight but has excellent pigment, so it shows up without feeling heavy. Perfect for me, who can’t be bothered with high maintenance lipstick anymore. I have to say, though, that I am going to be springing into summer with Nude and Infused, which is going to go brrrrilliantly with my tan. My self tan, that is. Unless we get a miracle of sunshine out this way. It could happen…

Moving House Does Murder Sleep*

I think I’ve gotten into the swing of sleeping in the new place, but holy wow, the first two or three nights were almost impossible.

Or they would have been if not for AVON’S Sleeptherapy Goodnight Pillow Mist. I don’t know what’s in it, except it smells like lavender, which makes sense. All I know is, I spritz a bit of this on my pillows and I am out like a light.

Now, going to sleep, at the best of times, is not all that easy, not for me. My mind chatters like a monkey, even when I am telling it to hush up, and what with the stress of the move blah blaaaaah, I was all set up to be cranky for several days running.

Not with this stuff. In fact, I had it by my {new} bedside, the second night, and at around 3am, when it became clear that quality snooze was not happening, I remembered to spray the pillows and off I went, land of nod-bound.

I don’t use it every night, but it’s there when I need it, and that’s all I need!

Avon’s Sleeptherapy Goodnight Pillow Mist €6/£4.50

*Apologies, Scottish play.

Update: Avon ANEW Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

I had two treatments after I began testing Avon‘s professional-style exfoliating, microdermabrasing fluid, so I felt like I couldn’t really tell what was going on with my skin.

Additionally, even though I have the hide of a rhino, I didn’t want to be piling on all manner of potions on, because who knew what was working and what was not?

Nevertheless, I do have a few things to say {shock! horror!}, and they are:

> That stopper, there in the cap? I think it has  mind of its own, which is all to the good. No matter how much product I tried to pump into the cap, it only dispensed like, a drop and a half. Which is really all you need. And the directions say as much. But who uses only what they need? Huh? Who? Not me, because if one drop is good, then six must be amazing! Uh, no. And since this really is pro-style, I don’t think using more of something this active is a good idea.

>How do I know it’s active? It makes my face itch. Not in a bad way! In a Hey! I think this is working! way. In the way your skin responds to treatments. That way. Frankly, this is why I stopped using it during the two weeks of many treatments, because it felt as intense {in a good way!} as the product used in the salons.

Hmm, I thought I had more to say. Guess not! Oh: you can use this day or night, and I’m not sure which is best. Use it on fresh, rejuvenated skin in the morning? Or slough off those dead skin cells in your sleep? Obviously I’ll have to give both a try. As ever, will let you know!

Coming Soon!

I hope! OMG I am so behind! So much stuff to try, and post about!

All the nail stuff, ach, and my nails haven’t improved very much at’all. Mainly because I gave up on them, so I better get back on that tip.

Oh, the false eyelashes! So afraid!

Avon’s Smoke and Mirrors collection: I love that lippy there, in Nude and Infused, but must do the quad and the nail varnish.

And Clarins Colour Breeze Face & Blush Powder — looks prettttty…

You can barely see the Johnson’s Body Care 24hour Moisture: Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash, or the L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Fresh Feel Gel, which I thought it would be smart to use on my legs ahead of full-on tanning season…

Okay. Deep breath! Onward!

{And the L’Occitane Hand Cream! Ayyyyiiiii!}

Haiku Review: Avon ANEW Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

A more perfect haiku word
Has never been known.

Oh, words: I love words, and one of my favourite words is ‘slough’. Oh wow, I am saying it over and over to myself and it is just the most amazing feeling. Slough slough slough. It’s the owwwwwwww part, and the visual of the silent ‘gh’ that gets me. {This is turning out to be a week of strange posts…}

Oh, but it is so satisfying. Other faves include: waft, bedizen, and smooch.

I’ve been researching microdermabrasion, and that’s how I came across slough, as in: sloughing off dead skin cells. I went a’googlin’ because I got some Avon ANEW Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid {whew! What a mouthful!} yesterday and was immediately taken by the notion of being able to self-treat my complexion in a microdermabrasional kind of way.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a clinical treatment — surely I’d remember? It involves machines, which is both scary and thrilling; one can go so far as to buy oneself a machine for at-home use. I have worked professionally as a gadget reviewer, and I am a techno-magpie: I use stuff for a while, and then I get bored, so I can’t imagine that a machine would do me any good in the long run. So in Avon’s offering we’ve got a little bit ‘o’ complexion transformation in a bottle, which seems as simple as could be.

Too simple?  The whole point of microdermabrasion {I am getting tired of typing that word} is to SLOUGH off those dead skin cells, in turn reducing the appearance of fine lines, increasing the softness of your skin, and eradicating acne. Can a mere lotion deliver the same benefit?

We’ll see, because I would very much like this to work. According to one of the Avon R&D bods, the product ‘mimic[s] the physical action of microdermabrasion treatments, with less irritation.’ Or, to hark back to my favourite word, less owwwwww.

Will keep you posted.