Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel Meets My Manky Toes

I don’t know why I persist in displaying my manky, manky feet on the internet, but here we go again.

And at full size, no less, so you can not only see my weirdy toes, but also the crap application of the nail varnish.

The point would be the nail varnish, so let’s just talk about that, ‘k?

AVON are launching 13 new shades of their Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel; with only ten toes at my disposal, I present ten of the colours, as seen in the wild. From left:

Romance,Viva Pink, Pastel Pink, Lemon Sugar, Sea Breeze, Coral Reef, Cosmic Blue, Decadence, Real Red, and Licorice. Each of the shades is meant to be long-wearing, and that’s down to the actual diamond dust that is in the polish. Fancy!

There’s a clear one, there’s one called Star which is like mother of pearl, and there’s a silver one, Starry Sky, that looked excellent on the nails of Jackie Tyson, Avon’s Celebrity Make-up Artist, who launched the line in the Dylan last week.

I love, unconditionally, Lemon Sugar, as it is the only way I think it is possible for me to wear that shade and not look as though I was about to be laid out. I also predict a big success in store for Sea Breeze. What with the time of year that’s in it, I’m not so bothered about the darker shades, although there’s always room for Decadence in my life.

My big ambition this week is to sit down and give my fingernails a good going over — cuticles and ridges and all — and lashing some of this one. Talk about decadence! {Sigh.} I probs won’t go as mad with colours as I did on the toes, but never say never…

Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel is €8

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