Ride, Sally Ride! Hansen Makes it Through 40 Minutes of Unrelenting Flatwork



When I got back from horseriding, I totally forgot to even check my manicure, because what would be the point — way to keep a positive attitude, Suze! {Or, I just forgot to look.}  When I remembered and I looked, I said, out loud, ‘Holy amazeballs!’ No, I didn’t, but I think I did gasp in admiration.

Okay, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure — maybe I do buy into your legend after all.


I mean, seriously: we went and went for 40 minutes straight. Not like I’d ever take my gloves off to give my fingernails an airing, or whatever, but the havoc said gloves wreck on the varnish is usually appalling. Hey! Maybe this means I was keeping hands as still as I ought to be! That would also be worthy of a ‘holy amazeballs’ expostulation.

I am desperately excited about every aspect of this result. Honestly, go here and compare!



Got Yer Spring Right Here: Sally Hansen Totally Tropical Complete Salon Manicure Exotica Collection

Oh, herlooooooooo.
Nothing like a pop of colour to pick you up. That’s Vitamin Sea as the accent nail, and Palm Treat on the rest.

Gotta love Sally Hansen for always having fashion forward colours at a dead reasonable price. Other ‘flavours’ in the Exotica Collection include Sgt. Preppy {a dusty pink}; Evening Glow {a bright orange}; Shore-ly! {beige-y sand}; Tahitian Sunset {melon}; and Go Bananas {uh, yellow, unsurprsingly.}

I had my colours applied by visiting celebrity manicurist Jessica Hoffman, a fellow Yank, though a London-based one. I watched her and hoped to learn, but I think you have to be born with patience? Which I was mainly not? At least when it comes to painting my nails. And I made sure that I waited long enough for them to dry, helped along largely by Jess’ application of Sally’s Insta-Dry Top Coat, which protects against chipping.

I’ve already dinged ’em though, so I’m still not convinced as to the completeness of the salon manicure. And I’m going horsing tonight, so we’ll see how they hold up to that.

But for right now? I can practically hear the leaves unfurling on the chestnut trees, and whatever the flowers are, that come after the daffs and the croci, they are just about ready to bloom!