Top Twelve of 2012: The Future is Now, Via My Face and We Love Laser

This is the final installment of posts about my twelve new fave products and services of last year. They do all add up, even though they weren’t in twelve posts, and even though, uh, there were actually thirteen? You come for the reviews, you stay for the LOLz…


Do We Love Laser? Yes, we do. Not only because it is in my locality, but also because the vibe of the place is as youthful as the services it provides.

Do I want to recapture my youth? Hmmm, not so much — but I am happy to look as well as I can for as long as I can. I feel like the Photo Facial has tidied up some fines lines, zapped some excess hair, and in general refurbed the canvas of my face. I also feel like the potions and lotions I use for all that anti-aging biz will actually have a chance to work.

The first time I lasered? That was something of a learning curve, for sure. The second time? I thought I was blasé, but there was still a touch of The Fear. The third time? I was all over it, an old hand, and really delighted by the progress my pigmentation was making — meaning, it was progressing away, away, away, and off of my face.

Pictures are worth a thousand: the top two are from the first session, and the bottom from the most recent.


THIRD LASER 2I didn’t intervene with the Photoshop, so the colour temperature of the images is different, which makes it look like I intervened to make the third one look better, but I didn’t. I am entirely satisfied with the work, and I’m deffo going to go for more.

Two things that I’ve found that work wonderfully well on the new, improved surface:


I still stand by my post about Human+Kind’s Anti-Ageing Cream. This is another product I’ve used down to its last pump. And whilst I didn’t blog specially about Sisley’s Black Rose Masque — OMG, Sisley’s Black Rose Masque! I had gone to get a facial at the Brown Thomas Beauty Room, and the aesthetician had recommended this, as had the Sisley PR. I am designating this as my US to IE jet lag cure. Even if it doesn’t zap the lag, at least I’ll look stunningly dewy and fresh-faced.

It does cost a bomb — €106/£81/$158 — but it is a little miracle in a tube. I expect to get ten masques out of this, as the usual dictum of ‘a little of an expensive product goes a long way’ applies, so that’s really only €10.60 per masque!

I got your world class rationalisation right here!


We Love Laser Medical Aesthetic Clinic is located at 82 Upper Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire. Visit for the full menu of treatments.

Turn. It. Up! Laser Virgin Effortlessly Turns Into Laser Hussy

How had I felt after my first time? Ah, well, as you do, you know? Maybe a little overwhelmed, but delighted, even giddy? You think no one is going to be able to tell the difference, but they do. You find yourself thinking about it alllll the time, and wondering what it would be like again — could it actually get even better?

Oh wait, what? Oh, right. Laser. Sorry!

No, really. I had already decided that since I survived my first round of a facial laser treatment thanks to We Love Laser and, that I’d really go for it the next time. Aesthetician Julia McHugh had taken it easy on me the first time round; in the intervening weeks, however, I’d decided that it hadn’t been that bad, and so upon hopping up on the treatment plinth, I asked for an increase in laser power.

Would I live to regret it? Continue reading

Laser Virgin Loses It, Via LivingSocial

I joined one of those group coupon things about a year ago, and became annoyed something rapid: none of the offers were in any way convenient to where I was living. I am a public transport enthusiast — okay, ‘enthusiast’ is not exactly correct, ‘user because why run a car in a city?’ is probably more like it — and even with my extensive knowledge of the bus, tram and DART systems, it was a huge pain in the arse to get to some of these places. I’d be spending any savings on fares! Pointless.

And then I discovered LivingSocial and found a deal right in my own front garden as it were. [Plus, this site seems to have deals on stuff as well as hairdos and paintball.] Funnily enough, I had only noticed that there was a place called We Love Laser right there on Georges Street, just the other day, and then, they were offering a Laser Facial on the LivingSocial site.

Laser! Anytime I think of laser, I think of this, which I know isn’t remotely correct. Is it? I don’t know, man: The Fear. I love technology, but I also love my face the way it is, and the idea that anybody’s going to get all Darth Vader up in my grill…

Let me show you The Fear. Continue reading