Turn. It. Up! Laser Virgin Effortlessly Turns Into Laser Hussy

How had I felt after my first time? Ah, well, as you do, you know? Maybe a little overwhelmed, but delighted, even giddy? You think no one is going to be able to tell the difference, but they do. You find yourself thinking about it alllll the time, and wondering what it would be like again — could it actually get even better?

Oh wait, what? Oh, right. Laser. Sorry!

No, really. I had already decided that since I survived my first round of a facial laser treatment thanks to We Love Laser and LivingSocial.com, that I’d really go for it the next time. Aesthetician Julia McHugh had taken it easy on me the first time round; in the intervening weeks, however, I’d decided that it hadn’t been that bad, and so upon hopping up on the treatment plinth, I asked for an increase in laser power.

Would I live to regret it?

Nope. Well, I mean, I thought I was doing better with The Fear, and I mostly did: no sweaty palms this time, and my breathing was mainly even. I was able to be all chatty for the entirety of my left cheek, but apparently the right side of my face is more sensitive than the left, and it got a little ouchy.

At the end of the session I noticed that the protective paper at my feet had been ripped to shreds. Oops.

It had been about a month between treatments. Hmm, guess that was The Fear doing its subconscious dirty work! I had dropped in on the clinic’s relaunching party, up the stairs at 82 Upper Georges Street in Dun Laoghaire, a glorious affair of wide plank wood floors, gilt-edged mirrors, and high technology, and went home afterwards to cast an eye over my diary. I booked myself in a week and a bit later. Their services are in great demand, which is as good a recommendation as I could ever give!

Anyway, enough with the words:

It is really not as bad as it looks! Or, it’s supposed to look a bit rough, because it’s all the collagen-activation happening. In fairness, it looked worse in person, as opposed to in camera.

Ahhahahaha, that last one! I totally thought I looked normal, in my head, but in fact I look mildly disturbed. My right eye is buggin’, so I reckon my left brain is totally not into it! It’s all WTF! The splotchiness is not aesthetically appealing! Not pretty! You are crazy!

Julia says, ‘Generally we like to say with all skin treatments: “no reaction, no action”, but some clients don’t react as much as others and still get pretty good results.”

I lashed on the aloe vera for the rest of the night, and may have woken myself up with itchiness — Julia reckons that I had a histamine reaction which totally makes sense as I can’t drink red wine anymore because of the histamines! Anyway, I managed not to scratch. The next day I had a bunch of appointments, and was mostly okay, a bit itchy around the edges of my face, but otherwise grand.

It’s about two weeks later: as I was putting on my foundation today, I thought to myself, That looks really smooth… It’s not just just down to the product, but the surface upon which has been applied, and I have to see, I am gasping for my next zap.

The slippery slope: it is slippery…


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