Feet are Gross

That’s just my opinion. Or maybe it’s just mine that are. No, actually, I think your feet are gross, too — sorry!

I have whatever is the opposite of a foot fetish. A foot revulsion. Since I was waxing lyrical on NY manis, I feel I have to talk about the pedis, too. God bless those ladies, the ladies who work on feet. I would rather dig a ditch than scrape nasty old dead skin off of someone’s heel.

Last March, I got a fish pedicure, on a Groupon thingie, and I sweartagod, my feet are still in fairly good nick almost one year later. Or maybe they are not, and since I am so grossed out by them, I haven’t looked too closely.

Allowing dead skin to build up all over again is just the nasty cherry on top of the disgusting sundae, so I bit the bullet and fired up the Emjoi Micro-Pedi. I have had all manner of scrapers at my disposal, from diamond files to things that looked like cheese graters, and I have been pleased by none of them. The little machine runs on 2 AA batteries, which power the roller <— which comes in a coarse, and an extra coarse grade. You can’t hurt yourself with it as it stops itself if it is held too close against the skin, like, you’re not going to scrape done to bone. It also claims to be easy to clean — the files are never easy to clean, the skin just piles up and piles up on the surface, and again: gross.

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