Tried & Tested @ The Herald: Groom-o-rama

This is a piece about some serious grooming tools to spruce you up for 2014.

The intro, however, applies to a splurge-o-rama piece I wrote, in conjunction with a best value column, and neither seem to have made an appearance on t’internet. Ah, well. My weekly reviews appear on Tuesdays, if you want to be all analogue about it.

Below please find the foot-care extravaganza that is the Emjoi MICRO Pedi 12 Piece Gift Set.
I hate feet, but love this. Just goes to show: keep an open mind, and you too can wear shoes with an open toe.


Soz, still jet lagging and a bit bonkers with it.


The Lag of the Jet

Not so bad! Although my skin feels like I would just like to scrape off the top layer. Travel makes me feel so grotty.

I started writing a whole long thing, and it sounded fairly psycho, so: maybe the jet lag is actually standard order, and I should just step away from the keyboard.

Yeah, definitely: I have already forgotten why my sister and I were talking about feet, and the conversation took place only an hour ago.

I was trying to remember the name of this, and I kept thinking ’emoji’. Which, in fairness, is not that hard to see. The Emjoi part of the MICRO Pedi is right there, waiting be confused with the little iPhone icon yokes out of Japan. It is really good, and I have to say that all that skin I scraped off, it’s pretty much stayed off? Which seems impossible? It may also be that I’m not wearing shoes that are not hard on my feet, which = not a’tall sexy, but what is less sexy than lizard feet?

‘Kay, think I may go take a nap.