The Picture of Insanity

OMG THIS IS THE BATH> Seven shampoo & conditioner duos

> One conditioner on its ownio

> One tiny shampoo & conditioner sample {Kevin Murphy? Which is fabbilis and I don’t know where to get it?}

> Three bars of soap

> Four shower gels

> One in-shower body moisturiser


This does not even include the five facial exfoliators, the two cleansers, and the three intense conditioning treatments.

If you look up ‘first world problems’ in the dictionary, etc. etc.

On the other hand, I am hard at work!

Right. See above.


How much stuff have you got in your bath? I would welcome photos of baths that are not quite as populated as mine…


Live Blog*: The Receipt of a Package

This was sitting on the floor beneath my post box. Excitement! Confusion: Cake from England?!?

Once upstairs, I clearly do not intend to mess about. Let us investigate.

Ooh, Dermalogica, yay! Much excite — picture is out of focus as a result.


And also an opportunity for me to talk about how great the Daily Microfoliant® is. See how that works? Brilliance in public relating combined with, if I do say so myself, an entertaining dessimation of said PR.

But forealz: I love this product and am delighted to join in marking its 10th birthday. So gentle, so delicate, yet so thorough. This is the best exfoliator of the facial area for those of you who require gentility and delicacy. Seriously. And as you use so little to do so much — about half a teaspoon does the job — it is excellent value.

All that from a wee package! Who knew? ;)


*Yeah, not really.

Sweet Sixteen: L’Occitane Almond Line

WHAT IS THIS ABOUT, AGAIN? There’s a full explanation here; in short, I wanted to do a Personal Top Ten Beauty Products of All Time, but found the list sneaking up to Top Twenty; then it fell short at Eighteen, which is like, what is Eighteen, so I decided that Sweet Sixteen was the way to go.

It’s good to be queen.

Ahem. Here is number — hang on — lucky number Thirteen, ladies and ladies. Continue reading

Haiku Review: Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother

High maintenance, me:
On hols*, but missing my STUFF.
Would love a good scrub.**

Oh, the perspective one gains when life throws out a challenge. I admit that I am spoiled, and even as hard as this beauty reviewing can be {yes, it can be}, I enjoy it thoroughly, but I also take things for granted, and have high expectations. And I also can get kind of… bitchy about things. Continue reading