Haiku Review: Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother

High maintenance, me:
On hols*, but missing my STUFF.
Would love a good scrub.**

Oh, the perspective one gains when life throws out a challenge. I admit that I am spoiled, and even as hard as this beauty reviewing can be {yes, it can be}, I enjoy it thoroughly, but I also take things for granted, and have high expectations. And I also can get kind of… bitchy about things.

My iteration of Green Angel’s Sunrise Body Smoother had a mason jar closure. Well! This was just about the silliest thing I’d ever seen in my life. Sure, the seal might keep the product fresh and useable ’til Kingdom come, but seriously, having to mess around with the fiddly lever thing when in the shower? Pain. In. The. Bum. Solving the problem by opening it before hand has ‘Duh’ written all over it, but this was not satisfactory either, because water got in and puddled in the product. Plus! The top of the lid is so heavy that you have to take care to balance it properly or disaster will ensue.

A quick aside: I hate tubs of product in the tub of the bathroom. Water always puddles in them, and that feels unsanitary to me. I drain them, but if the product is reasonable fluid already, then it could easily ooze right out of the tub and talk about a waste!

It is with cautious optimism that I view the redesigned Smoother. The lid seems to have vacuum closure on the lid, that comes off with a twist. This will still provide a freshness seal, and I’m guessing it will be easier to open. This is excellent news, because the actual product itself is excellent. The company are Guaranteed Irish, and apparently have a showroom to which one can pay a visit and watch the all-natural products being made. This sounds fun, actually. And seaweed is largely implicated, and I do love me some seaweed.

Lot of love to go round, even if there is none for GA’s original packaging choice. It looks like they did some market research, maybe, and solved that problem.

I do love a happy ending — but I’m still going to be a bitch occasionally. Never fear.

€24.95/£22.52> available on greenangel.com


*Written whilst I was away, and my brain is too broken to re-write that haiku.

** Not a euphemism. Sadly.

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