I Try Before You Buy: Oil-based Skincare {+One Of These Things is Not Like the Others}

There’s mixed intel as to whether or not facial oils are good for oily skin: logic would say, ‘Eh, no they’re not,’ but I’ve read various articles and reviews that claim that oily skin is working overtime to make oil, so if you use an oil, it lets your complexion off the hook and it can relax. I’d love to hear if anyone has personal experience of this notion — good or not so good!

Me, I ♥♥♥ oils to the moon and back, so speaking of outer space, there are a lot of stars this week.

01 CLINIQUECLINIQUE Smart Treatment Oil, €44 {30ml}
I couldn’t get enough of the brand’s Turnaround oil, so when I used it all up, I was happy that this one was waiting in the wings. I love it just as much, and find it ‘dry’ enough to use in the day, which is not always the case. This is a triple anti-oxidant blend that’s fragrance-free, and it’s gentle enough for those who suffer from roseacea. I keep this by the bedside and put on lashings of it before bed, and awake with a new face.

03 DARPHINDARPHIN PARIS 8-Flower Nectar Oil Cream, €91.65 {15ml}
Eep! That is pricey, but the cream is so rich, you won’t need or want to use too much. It would be like bingeing on fudge, or something. Every time I’ve used this, I have slept the sleep of the just, that is: I fell asleep immediately and stayed that way all through the night, and woke feeling like I’d been to some 04 LE MARAclass of dreamtime spa. Oh, and my skin looked radiant, a certain combination of the unbroken rest and the 280 petals from those 8 flowers that provide the aromatic essence.

LÉ MARA IRISH ORGANIC SEAWEED Miracle Facial Oil, €4.99 {150ml}
Here’s the opposite end of the spectrum: can anything that’s less than a fiver be any good? It is when it’s packed full of all sorts of goodness — from vitamin E to oat oil to primrose oil and bunch of anti-oxidants. The pump-action dispenser is pure genius, although it is better to spray in the palms than directly in the face {learned the hard way so you don’t have to.} This too is a mid-day, staying-in kind of treat, and it leaves behind a glorious glow. Bargain of the week — maybe of the year!

No7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil, €30.50 {30ml}05 No7
This seems almost too oily at first. I put that down to my own dispensing technique, which = using tonnes of product. Less is very much more here, and while I’m still not convinced that this is a good idea for me to apply in the a.m., I love it in the middle of a day in which I am hunkering down, not going anywhere, and ready for treat.06 TRILOGY

TRILOGY CoQ10 Booster Oil, €40 {20ml}
This is like a luxurious spa facial treatment right in your own home. It is far too heavy for use in the day, IMHO, but at nighttime, it is like the angels have wrung elixir from their wings for you to apply to your skin. Awake with a glow that wouldn’t look out of place whilst shepherds guard their flocks by night. Seriously, though: this is created to bust glycation, which causes collagen and elastin to become rigid, robbing skin of its plumpness and elasticity. The co-enzyme Q10 is an anti-oxidant, protecting the skin from ill-natured molecules.

VITA COCO Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, €12.99 {500ml}
I hesitated to Google ‘extra virgin’ because that just seemed like it was asking for a variety of pRon-y sites to pop up in my face, but this basically 07 VITA COCOmeans that it is processed in a way that is even better than ‘refined’. That is some price point, it has to be said, for such a versatile product: apply it head to toe, use it inside and out — it’s hard to imagine a better all-rounder when it comes to health and skincare. I had a difficult time using this for cooking, and yet when I used this on the bod, I felt like I should pop myself into the oven… Once I got over the mental blocks, I found I liked this best for my cuticles and for split ends {still too scared to use it as a hair mask, but I will get there as I suspect it will be amazing.}

And if all this oiliness doesn’t not appeal in the least:
KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, €27.50 {50ml}
02 KIEHLSI’d say this definitely falls more on the side of a gel than a cream, but I’m not interested in semantics here: this is fab. I usually find gel-based moisturisers to absorb too quickly and dry tacky, but not this one — maybe there is something to the ‘cream’ in its name after all. Refreshing and soothing, this is terrific for skin that’s suffering from a surfeit of the elements, be they cold winter winds or hot summer suns. If you need a pick-you-up in the dark mornings, this will zing you to life and help with fine lines at the same time.


I {Almost} Used It All Up: Kiehl’s Magic Elixir



It’s not that I wanted to be done with this, because I love ittttt — but that’s not much of a dose, is it?

A couple of years ago, scalps were the new black, and it makes sense: scalps are skin, and even if you shampoo, you’re still not really taking specific care of that specific part of your body.

Now, many may holler, ‘This is ridic! Is there not a square inch of ourselves that goes without its own special product?!’ Me, I don’t care, I love product {obvs}, so was happy enough to take yet another step onboard.

I loved this on days when I had the time to drench my roots and leave it. Nothing like a good hair treatment to make one feel virtuous. And such treatments are pretty low maintenance: just lash it on and forget about it until it’s time to shower.

After using this truly Magic Elixir, my hair was silky, and my highlights looked like they’d gotten top up. What’s not to like?

That little tiny bit in the bottle, that’s what’s not to like…




Plus! Avocado oils! So good for us internally and here, externally!


Kiehl’s: Don’t Judge a Soothing Gel Masque By Its Colour

I opened my little tub of Kiehl’s Soothing Gel Masque and went, ‘Urgh!’ I did, I literally expostulated. But look:
It is a little bit urghy. Not that I am averse to putting darkly coloured stuff on my face, as witnessed here and here, but there was something about this — the texture? — that is slightly ick.

I put some on.
My first impression was that it doesn’t look all that different to a fake tan application — which observation might give me pause as I enter into fake-tan-testing season.

It felt deliciously cool; didn’t feel sticky; was light as a feather; and felt hydrating as all get out. It’s got green tea in it, and I have to say, I was happy enough to lounge around, letting it do its thing for the prescribed 20 minutes.

Rinsing it off was slightly troublesome. I didn’t want to get the goo all over one of my few white face cloths, and tried to rinse with water from the tap. Eh, not so good. I was showering anyway, and that took care of the last of it, but I did find that it wasn’t great to rinse off over the sink.

But look!
Shiny, happy person! I am not a fan of super-sensitive-skin-anything, because I’ve got the hide of a rhino, and they make no impression whatsoever. This, though: this felt like a healthy treat, as soothing as it claims to be, and one I would recommend to pals who flare up at even the sight of a masque.
A keeper!


Kiehl’s Soothing Gel Masque: €20.50/£25/…
^^ Gotta say, Kiehl’s web presence is not great. Despite a flashy site, their internal search engine is rubbish. This product exists, at least in Ireland — I went all analogue and rang the shop — but as far as t’internet is concerned, this isn’t easy to find…


Good All Round: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Keep a Child Alive

I’ve been meaning to write about Kiehl’s blue bottle 0001truly spectac Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and I’m glad I waited, because it’s gotten even better: the brand are joining forces with Alicia Keys’ charity Keep a Child Alive. Founded in 2003, the organization provides care and support for children and families who have been effected by the HIV virus.

During the month of February, buying one bottle of Midnight Recovery Concentrate helps Keep a Child Alive provide one month of HIV care, medicines, and love to a child living with HIV.

72% of children who need HIV treatment are not receiving it. “Keep a Child Alive is working towards a world where everyone can lead fulfilling lives, regardless of their HIV status,” says Keys. “Supportive partners like Kiehl’s are part of our extended family. They share our passion for bringing dignified treatment, care and support to children and families affected by HIV. Every action, big or small can make a difference and take us one step closer in making health care a human right.”

It’s not just about the meds and the doctors: the charity also sees to the following:
> Transportation to clinics
> Healthy meals that often are the primary meal of the day
> Fun activities for children to help them live positively and deal with the challenges of life with HIV
> Essential skills training for women so they can financially support their children going forward.

“Kiehl’s has a longstanding heritage of working to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic with our work beginning in the 1980’s, when it was taboo to even talk about the disease. Just in the past 10 years, we have raised more than $2,500,000 for the cause,” saysCheryl Vitali, Kiehl’s Worldwide General Manager.

Studies have shown that half of children who have HIV die by the age of two, which just makes my heart break — and that 80% die before age five. And that 16 million babbas have been orphaned by the disease.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate is one of my top ten night treatments. Since the skin is all relaxed and breathing in the dreamtime, I feel it’s the best time to ‘do’ skincare. This is a dry oil that slowly soaks in, so give yourself a bit of time before you start the zeds. I don’t mind that it takes its time, as it encourages me to massage it in, which is soothing for the muscles of the face, and really gets those lymphs draining. {Maybe, or maybe that is just wishful thinking.}

I inevitably wake up the next morning with a fresh new face. Seriously: I used it just the other night and kind of shocked myself when I caught sight of myself in the mirror the next morning. Because there is always something testing, I had to think twice before I remembered I’d indulged in my MRC.

It’s €42.00 for 30mls, and the brand are donating 100% of the proceeds to the charity.

Do this!


Kiehl’s, 35 Wicklow Street, D2, and at various department stores and centres


Never a Dull Moment

Unpacking continues, apparently. I went to put these on:

I hadn’t worn these in a long time, had a horseriding injury, couldn’t get around but for FitFlop technology, and lately, as long as I don’t have to trek for miles, I can wear some of my lovely, lovely footwear again. These are Lucky brand, and they are just covered in buckles, and I love them.

I stuck in my foot, and something was in the boot, and I found this:

Um. Okay. I mean, I am sure that in the whirlwind crazy that was me, mid-move, I probably stuffed a bunch of rando things into other things, like boots. That’s the way I pack to travel, that’s fairly common, right?

Except I didn’t even know that I had a tube of Kiehl’s Lip Balm SPF 15 in Hue No. 30G

Oh! My sister-in-law Melanie gifted all the ladies with gorgeous Kiehl’s boxes at Christmas. So this not only made its way across the ocean, but also across the bay. Tenacious balm! I’m glad I found it: it’s light, it’s got a little bit of tint, too. I am wearing some now and my lips are feeling a little bit tingly — I just checked the tube, it doesn’t say anything about tingling. Eh, sure, I certainly don’t mind a bit on a tingle on the mouth every now and then.

I wonder what I’ll find in my other shoes! This is exactly like if I was a Dutch child and it was St Nicholas’ Day!

Kiehl’s Lip Balm SPF 15 in Hue No. 30G €14/£12.50/$9.50

Also, have I not catalogued my lip balm/treatment addiction? Well, just wait.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Products: The Winnowing

Hmmm. Is this really any improvement a’tall?

Three lip things — there’s the Lush Latte yoke that didn’t make the last photo; one foundation {although I expect the Eau Thermale Avéne compact I’m reviewing will slip itself into a coat pocket}; one hair thing, one brow thing… a new thing {upper left} that came in the fabbbb Kiehl’s gift box that my sister-in-law gifted…

I don’t know, I guess this is a good edit.

The long shiny rectangular yokie is Clinique’s Black Honey Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad, must share my opinion on that officially. Hint: it is excellent. The product, that is, although my opinion is excellent, too.

Well, I think I did do an okay job:

Yeah, fine. Oh, and I googled the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask {bottom left} and they’ve redesigned the packaging. Yup, I knew it was old, but…