A Miscellany of Brushes: My Top Ten

MY BRUSHESMake up brushes had always seemed an indulgence to me, and were also an extra bunch of fiddly things that couldn’t stand up on their own — which meant I’d have to find a place to keep them, and in most of the places I’ve lived in the last… yikes, fifteen-point-six years, there’s been minimal bathroom-room.

There was also a thing where I was keeping the sets inviolate? Which is like, what? I got over that. And I was, okay, maybe a tiny bit intimidated by make up brushes — got over that, and haven’t looked back. They really are good for you, and your face.

Got well over that, found a jar to hold ’em, and got down to putting together, no matter their provenance, my own personal collection of brushes. There are others, for sure, and someday perhaps they will move into the rotation. In fact, I’ve made some changes to this lot already, and I only took this photo a month ago.

From the left!

> The BENEFIT Foundation Brush is the best one I’ve tried. I prefer my fingers, no matter the truth that every MUA routinely lays down — that truth being that you get better coverage with less product. I get annoyed because: one more thing to clean!

> I don’t even know that JO MALONE make brushes anymore, but this big, puff ball of goodness is genius for applying loose powder, and pressed powder that I don’t want to be too matte.

> ISADORA‘s ginormous Kabuki is perfect for bronzer, and blush if I use just the very middle chunk of bristles. Which it is entirely possible to do.

> TRISH McEVOY‘s eyelash comb. I found the metal scary near my eye the first time I used it, but now I am fearless. Should probs clean that too, oops.

> Hmm, where did that come from… MARKS & SPENCER, I think? The eyelash comb, as you can see, did not travel well, and is toothless — but the little wedgey brush at the bottom is flawless when it comes to applying dark pigment at the lash lines.

> BOBBI BROWN is my only woman for smudging. {At the moment, anyway… I’ve just gotten me paws on a SMASHBOX Blending Brush, and it may join the crowd.}

> The SISLEY PARIS brush is okay, and it may lose its spot in the Top Ten. In fact, it already has because:

> The DR HAUSCHKA Dear Eyes Limited Edition brushes are fab. That’s the Definer pictured, and the Blender is fantastic, too, and will be shifting the Sisley out of the way.

> Have no idea where that wee Kabuki came from, but it travels exceptionally well, and is a staple in my daily going-out make up bag.

I’ve also got a REAL TECHNIQUES blush brush, and a BODY SHOP blush brush near to hand, but I notice that I rarely wear blush {Should I?!?}, and one-a them fan-shaped deals, via SMASHBOX, with which to apply that fabulous white stiff, the Photoset Finishing Powder, which I need to post about.

So many brushes, so little time!


A swipe of brushes? Thinking their might be a better collective noun…


Talk about Aspirational: A Day of SS13 Launches

In a parallel universe, I live in the first season of Revenge. {Not the second season, even though Nolan got all weirdly ridey, in a Nolan-y way? Was it the haircut?}

In that life, I toddle around in shoes like these, with a bag like this swinging from my shoulder.
TH shoes n bag

Oh, Tommy Hilfiger, you always get this yacht-y vibe spot on. Can’t you just see me swanning around the gardens of Grayson Manor in those? Or in this?
TH skirt

That’s about as close to wearing orange as I can get, without looking like I ought to be carried feet first out the door. And with friends like Victoria — ha! One would get quite used to being prepared for the worst.

Rah-rah skirts don’t really suit me either. And the fabric is silky and I’m sure I’d ruin it in a heartbeat. But the combination of those sherbet-y colours is simply irresistible. I’m sure Vic would let me borrow Ashley to drop all my fancy clothes down the cleaners. {See, that’s why you really gotta have a fantasy life in S1, ‘cos Ash was still on tap, as it were.}

Over at Hacketts, it was, obvs, all about the menswear. Why hello… hmmm, Frederico. You’re looking well in your tighty whiteys.
HACKETT polo man
BTW, I know exactly how to use that mallet.

The trends are towards the bright and poppy, whilst still balanced by expert tailoring and layering. I don’t know, though, could I go for a man in vermillion chinos?
HACKETT silver fox
Yes, indeedy! Plus: zebra!

Aspirational turned a bit perspirational as I legged over to the Marks & Spencer launch. I’d already seen bits and pieces on Twitter, but there was nothing like seeing it in person.
M&S jacket
Love the nipped in waist, and I love leather {Frederico, take note} and I’ve been wanting a little leather jacket, but haven’t been able let myself indulge in the trend. This looks like it’s got some serious staying power. Not sure the non-lapel thing works with my frontage though. I guess I’ll just have to go try one on.

I didn’t get a snap of the big bucket-y shoulder bag they’ve got going on — I liked the red one. No, the blue one! No, the red one. Definitely. How about this little little bit of structural genius in teal?
M&S teal bag

Ah, fashion! How I love/hate you! You make me wish for things I may or may not actually need.

Speaking of need, I look good in blue.
HACKETT my other life
A classic Aston Martin convertible. Surrounded by dudes. Outside a gracious country mansion.

Hmmm, may trade in the Revenge fantasy and start shaping up this one…


Spring/Summer 2013 is here! And dammit, we are going to have the weather to support it!