Talk about Aspirational: A Day of SS13 Launches

In a parallel universe, I live in the first season of Revenge. {Not the second season, even though Nolan got all weirdly ridey, in a Nolan-y way? Was it the haircut?}

In that life, I toddle around in shoes like these, with a bag like this swinging from my shoulder.
TH shoes n bag

Oh, Tommy Hilfiger, you always get this yacht-y vibe spot on. Can’t you just see me swanning around the gardens of Grayson Manor in those? Or in this?
TH skirt

That’s about as close to wearing orange as I can get, without looking like I ought to be carried feet first out the door. And with friends like Victoria — ha! One would get quite used to being prepared for the worst.

Rah-rah skirts don’t really suit me either. And the fabric is silky and I’m sure I’d ruin it in a heartbeat. But the combination of those sherbet-y colours is simply irresistible. I’m sure Vic would let me borrow Ashley to drop all my fancy clothes down the cleaners. {See, that’s why you really gotta have a fantasy life in S1, ‘cos Ash was still on tap, as it were.}

Over at Hacketts, it was, obvs, all about the menswear. Why hello… hmmm, Frederico. You’re looking well in your tighty whiteys.
HACKETT polo man
BTW, I know exactly how to use that mallet.

The trends are towards the bright and poppy, whilst still balanced by expert tailoring and layering. I don’t know, though, could I go for a man in vermillion chinos?
HACKETT silver fox
Yes, indeedy! Plus: zebra!

Aspirational turned a bit perspirational as I legged over to the Marks & Spencer launch. I’d already seen bits and pieces on Twitter, but there was nothing like seeing it in person.
M&S jacket
Love the nipped in waist, and I love leather {Frederico, take note} and I’ve been wanting a little leather jacket, but haven’t been able let myself indulge in the trend. This looks like it’s got some serious staying power. Not sure the non-lapel thing works with my frontage though. I guess I’ll just have to go try one on.

I didn’t get a snap of the big bucket-y shoulder bag they’ve got going on — I liked the red one. No, the blue one! No, the red one. Definitely. How about this little little bit of structural genius in teal?
M&S teal bag

Ah, fashion! How I love/hate you! You make me wish for things I may or may not actually need.

Speaking of need, I look good in blue.
HACKETT my other life
A classic Aston Martin convertible. Surrounded by dudes. Outside a gracious country mansion.

Hmmm, may trade in the Revenge fantasy and start shaping up this one…


Spring/Summer 2013 is here! And dammit, we are going to have the weather to support it!


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