Top Twelve of 2012: Four, Calling Birds

Did anyone else think that this holiday was completely weird, time-wise? Not only that it came up so quickly, but also, I don’t know, it just seemed like everything was on the wrong day?

I blame Tuesday. Aw, poor Tuesday, I feel bad immediately saying that. However: Christmas on a Tuesday just doesn’t work. So let’s avoid that for the next while, ‘kay?

Because of time and Tuesdays, I suddenly don’t even have twelve days to do a single Top Twelve per day, so I’m doing some grouping here. Let’s start with makeup, my B&B birdies! Continue reading

Are You Feelin’ Lucky, Chick? BeneFit Treasure Hunt to Hit Dublin

Do you win things? Are you good at winning things? I think some people are and some people aren’t. Two weekends ago, I was at a fundraiser, and this woman won three raffle prizes off only five tickets. Is it luck? Is it Fate?!?!

If you are good at winning stuff, or perhaps want to work on your ability to win things {can it be learned?!?!} then check this out:

If I must be pedantic — I must, I must — and suggest that ‘Scavenger Hunt’ might be a better turn of phrase, and mix the metaphor less? Is a scavenger hunt not a Thing over here?

There I go, coming over all Amurrican again.

Maybe see you there!


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