Yippy! More Lippy for 2014: Glosses, Mainly

MAC mineralise Vibrant Vibe
MAC Mineralize Glass Lip Gloss in Vibrant Vibe, €22 This absolutely luxurious, lightweight, highly pigmented stuff. I want many, many more of these, and have my eye on Lovingly Yours and Wake Up! as well… and there’s a baby pink one that looks cute as a button.

Rimmel Rumour Has It
RIMMEL LONDON Colour Rush Long Lasting Intense Colour Balm in Rumour Has It, €7.99 Honestly, Rimmel are playing a blinder with these balms. They feel light, look intensely pigmented, and stain the lips juuuuust a tiny bit so that you don’t need to keep reapplying. I consider this to be a good thing.

Catrice made to stay Megan Fuchsia
CATRICE COSMETICS Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish in Megan Fuchsia, €5.49 I googled that a couple of times just to make sure that was the name, which it is, and which I find a bit awk, TBH. Not awk: the bluey-red that I love so much, and pretty good staying power. Awk: the applicator has no give, and will have to break it in. Until such time, I have to go really easy on the curves or else I look like I’ve had wonky collagen!

KARDASHIAN in the nude
KARDASHIAN BEAUTY Au Naturel Lip Kit in In The Nude, €18.99 Okay, this is my third go-to nude. Whatever! Can’t have too many go-to nude lip things! I used the thin liner part of the kit, so I must have really wanted matte. There’s a nude gloss that accompanies it, just in case I change my mind and want a bit of shine. It’s win/win!

Pür lip gloss stick in Fling|Adventure
PÜR MINERALS Lip Gloss Stick in Fling|Adventure, €22 I do like this tone quite a lot; I find the texture of this to be a bit plastic, and the price a bit much, considering the rest of the category. I do like it, though — just not head-over-heels.

Below: because this is such a crazy way to take a picture, and because it shows the taupe-ness of it to greater effect:
And then I was going to on about how excellent I have found GIORGIO ARMANI’s 505 to be, and couldn’t remember the full name, and also got annoyed as usual about Il Maestro’s numbering system, and googled it, and found myself.
I FOUND MYSELF. Google knows everything, including enough to remind me that I did in fact talk about Lip Maestro Intense Velvet Colour {€28.50} before.


Okay, Okay, I Absolutely Have a Problem When It Comes to Lip Cosmetics

Okay???! I get it. A normal human female probably wouldn’t have — oh, God, must I count them? — eighteen varieties of cosmetics-for-the-lips, on the go, right? This is not counting the ones that are lurking in pockets and rolling around in my handbags. Gah.

But, but, but — okay. Since I routinely take two of these along with me on a given day, because the whole day could change and require a different hue or texture, then it’s like there’s really nine. Nine lip combinations.


I don’t buy that either. Although I will argue that giving yourself the option to change up during the day makes total sense. Like, the Pür Minerals or the No7 — or the Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss? Theses are perfect for sitting-at-the-desk wear, but you might like to give your look a wee pop in the evening, with the Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain, or the Clinique Chubby. Or that Essence red, in between the Chubby and the Pür? It is the perfect summer red I’ve yet to come across.

So, you know, options.

Nevertheless, I felt a cull was in order:

FEWER LIPPYsOnly because I need to make room for more…


Sorry, they just look so ronrey.


FOTLT: Buff Make Up Bronzer, Mainly; Also: Eyelashes

FOTLT buff bronzerGreeting from my usual spot in the back of the 46A, a week ago. Time Travel R Us at B&B!, and here’s a glimpse of The Face of Last Tuesday that had some nice stuff on it.

>First of all: Buff Make Up was developed by Paula Callan,BUFF BRONZER in association with Hession Hairdressing. Callan is one of Ireland’s best-known MUAs, and puts all of her 15 years of experience into the line, which basically needs to look flawless when applied by an amateur. That’s my take, anyway. I englowened myself with the Bronzer in Exotic Blend {€30} You can see, here, the general spectrum on offer. On your right, the clever compact, in which the product flips up to reveal a mirror and a fancy brush — and with air holes so it can breathe. Genius!

>Second: a fun new mascara from Lancôme, via Alber Elbaz. The Israeli designer has been with Lanvin since 2001, and this marks his first foray into make up. I am sporting Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara {€28}, which are supposed to make your eyes look like — well, you’ve figured it out already, haven’t you? I am a fan of Hypnôse anyway, but this is really fab, and your eyes will look exactly as promised, if that’s your thing. I am totes fine with it. The brush is a brush, as in: not a comb, so I had my usual ish with liberally dotting product all over my eyelids. I have been applying mascara for many, many years. You’d think I’d have figured it out by now.

This is a limited edition! There are eyeshadow palettes, too, that look nice.

>Third: da lips. I got me paws on a Pür Minerals Lip Gloss Stick in Berry Pretty {can only find the US price of $15}, and I love it. It is emollient, and yet has super staying power. I love the mauve tone as well, it’s got presence and yet it doesn’t require a lot of attention, the way a red would.

Hmm, that was an easy face. Must do that again.