FOTLT: Buff Make Up Bronzer, Mainly; Also: Eyelashes

FOTLT buff bronzerGreeting from my usual spot in the back of the 46A, a week ago. Time Travel R Us at B&B!, and here’s a glimpse of The Face of Last Tuesday that had some nice stuff on it.

>First of all: Buff Make Up was developed by Paula Callan,BUFF BRONZER in association with Hession Hairdressing. Callan is one of Ireland’s best-known MUAs, and puts all of her 15 years of experience into the line, which basically needs to look flawless when applied by an amateur. That’s my take, anyway. I englowened myself with the Bronzer in Exotic Blend {€30} You can see, here, the general spectrum on offer. On your right, the clever compact, in which the product flips up to reveal a mirror and a fancy brush — and with air holes so it can breathe. Genius!

>Second: a fun new mascara from Lancôme, via Alber Elbaz. The Israeli designer has been with Lanvin since 2001, and this marks his first foray into make up. I am sporting Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara {€28}, which are supposed to make your eyes look like — well, you’ve figured it out already, haven’t you? I am a fan of Hypnôse anyway, but this is really fab, and your eyes will look exactly as promised, if that’s your thing. I am totes fine with it. The brush is a brush, as in: not a comb, so I had my usual ish with liberally dotting product all over my eyelids. I have been applying mascara for many, many years. You’d think I’d have figured it out by now.

This is a limited edition! There are eyeshadow palettes, too, that look nice.

>Third: da lips. I got me paws on a Pür Minerals Lip Gloss Stick in Berry Pretty {can only find the US price of $15}, and I love it. It is emollient, and yet has super staying power. I love the mauve tone as well, it’s got presence and yet it doesn’t require a lot of attention, the way a red would.

Hmm, that was an easy face. Must do that again.


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