Tanning Twenty Twelve: What To Do About Spots

Basically, I have the hide of a rhino, and can test out just about anything. I therefore didn’t think twice about slapping the auld SPF on my face.

Mistake. After two days of doing the right thing, I got a zit on the bottom of my chin — whatever — and one on the front of my face.

Dilemma: will any of the zit-busting treatments that I have react badly with the self-tan I am putting on my face? Is it the self-tan that is making me break out? I have only just made myself all brown and gorgeous, do I need to scrub it off, get rid of the pimple, and start over?

Nope. May I introduce you to Dermalogica’s Concealing Spot Treatment?

I did not find this useful when I wasn’t tanning, because it is too dark for my everyday skin. But as you can see, in yet another weird ass photo of my paw, it is pretty perfect for those with darker complexions, and those who have not come by said complexions naturally.

I had a pic of it blended in, but then you couldn’t even see it, so that’s another point in its favour. Yet another point: it does not contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which tends to dry the sebaceous stuff out, sure, but then your skin is all flaky afterwards. Sulphur and Zinc Oxide are doing the job here, and with the touch of pigment, you can cover up and heal simultaneously.

Spots? The one on my face was gone, daddy, gone, after three applications. The one under my chin is fighting this to the death, but guess who’s gonna win?



Love you, Dermalogica, but the difference in price points is shockin’.

Tan Twenty Twelve: Setting the Standard with Ambre Solaire

Let this be a lesson to us all: I had some bad outcomes with the Garnier brand in the past, as regards self-tanning. But that was the past, and we all have moved on, and so when I got a sample of the new No Streaks Bronzer Self-tanning Mousse, I went for it!

No complaints whatsoever. In fact, nothing but praise.

Since I’ve been smart and have been SPFing, my skin took on a little bit of natural, not-burny colour. I know, weird, right?!?! That’s the only encouragement I needed, and the morning after this great discovery, post-shower, I put on my tanning mitt, shook up the bottle and got to work.

I love a good mousse, and this is a good mousse. The coverage is great, there’s enough tint so you can see the bits you’ve missed, it doesn’t stink, and it dries in a fingersnap.

Here’s a freaky picture of my arm, after two applications. I don’t know, can you even tell? Are you completely hypnotised by how little my hand looks?

I need to get a proper camera, because I swear, this is such a good hue. It’s not just about being not-orange, you know. Let’s raise our standards, people!

Besides being not-orange, this is warm and looks utterly natural. It’s €21-ish for 150mls, which seems okay to me. I don’t know, I’ve only just started bronzing, so I don’t know how much things cost this year. I will refer back to the coverage and reiterate that it is great, and so I would expect to get a lot of mileage out of this.

You can’t use this on your face, though. So what did I apply to me gob to make it look glowy and brown? Tune in tomorrow…