Sweet Sixteen

This was the idea: to kick off my new blog about all things beautyfull with a Top Ten All-time Fave Beauty Products as decided by me, someone who has not only been using make up and other assorted pampering products almost all her life (I count the Mr Bubble from my very early years to be evidence of self-care precosity) but has also been paid to opine about their relative merits and demerits for a number of years. I should probably count, but let’s just say that, hmm, five products a week x 52 weeks in the year = holy cow, 260 products a year.

Multiplied by how many years? Eek.

That’s not even the ones that I do try and test that don’t make it into some form of words on paper or screen.

The point is that there were so many to choose from, that ten wasn’t going to be enough. I went for twenty, but I couldn’t fully stand behind my choices for exactly four of them.

Sweet Sixteen? It’s very American, but then, so am I, for the most part.

And it will be sweet to start out with something very cheerleader-y and full of love before I start annoying people with my opinions…

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