Is This the Sexiest Product Ever?

I think so — I really do.

I am not exactly crazy about the scent of roses — in real life, no problem, like, from the actual flowers, but as a scent I would elect to douse myself with… er, no. Therefore, I approached this Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush with caution. I have to say, I might have given this a pass if it hadn’t been for the unusual nature of the product.

I take taking care of my skin very seriously. I exfoliate like my life depends upon it. I had a phase in which I massaged baby oil into my skin, post-shower, and then toweled it off. I have tried a pre-shower thing that required slathering from head-to-toe, and reeked of eucalyptus. I have never experienced a body conditioner before, and thought, Ah sure, why not?

After cleansing, and while still in the shower, I applied this to my damp skin. Ooh, it felt nice. It wasn’t exactly soap, certainly wasn’t a scrub, and since I was going to wash it all down the drain, it definitely wasn’t a body lotion. What in the world could be the point of this?

I could feel my skin turning satin-y smooth even as I gently blotted myself dry. I was actually rather shocked that my skin felt that good, after only one dose, and frankly, sistuhs, it takes some doing to shock me at this stage. I didn’t find the rosy-ness of it to be off-putting, because the texture of my derma made up for any reservations I may have had. Holy crap, seriously, I couldn’t keep my hands off myself [fnarf.]

Luckily, there’s a decent sell-buy date on this puppy — I was afraid, as with many Lush products, that due to its hand-made, fresh nature, that I’d have to gorge on this before it went off. Nope! I’ve got a year in which to cunningly plan when I’m going to present the world with the sexiest pelt I’ve ever had in my life. This is the kind of product that you save for extra-special occasions > for sure things, not for hunting and fishing expeditions, if you take my meaning. You really don’t want to waste the effort.


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