Sisterhood of the Travelling Products

So: three weeks worth of stuff. It doesn’t seem like loads when laid out like that. {It seems like tonnes when you have to pack it up. In three make up bags of various sizes so you can distribute the weight.}

Or does it? I no longer have perspective. I’ve got thirteen shampoos and conditioners on the the go! What can you expect from me, honestly.

This photo is as much as about what is not here, as what did make the transatlantic journey…That Dermalogica mask, bottom left? That never even leaves my main travelling make up bag {TMUB} which is why it looks so beat up. I am afraid to figure out how many years it has been flying back and forth, and all over Europe… I’m sure the Dermagals would scold me for keeping a product around so long.

What I’m seeing here is a general emphasis on make up and not so much on skin care, which I am beginning to feel. My face skin feels itchy and scratchy, even with the Payot serum, the Origins Mangosteen thingie, and the Dermalogica face balm {sadly discontinued.} I’ve got two lip balms, eight {!} lip gloss/sticks — eight! Two eyeshadow palettes, two other eyeshadows, two mascaras, two brow things… neither of which are the one I’d prefer to be using. Damn.

And there are a few things missing! My Avéne compact, my black eyeliner, the Lush Latte lip balm/gloss, and the ninth gloss and third lip balm that I found in my handbag.

I cannot believe that I travelled without face exfoliator. The water is different here — I can’t remember if it’s harder or softer — and skin is much drier, as is my hair. As to the latter, I get great second day hair, which is not to be sneered at, but the former is making me a bit crazy. I think I may have to go out to CVS and get something to give my face a good polish, something cheap and cheerful from the Garnier line would do nicely. I’m not too worried about body exfoliation, since I brought the big wackin’ tube of Bliss Body Butter, but even thinking about how much the bod could use a thorough scrub is making me itchy.

The thing is, I’m going to be hobo-ing it around Manhattan next week, and will ahve to winnow this down to fit into a smaller travellin’ bag. Can it be done?!?! We’ll see…



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