New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

>Get more treatments Yeah. Every time I get a treatment — a massage, a facial, whatever — I think, ‘I really need to get more treatments!’ And then I don’t get another treatment until my next one… which is always a significant time from the last. So, yeah. <This one will never happen. Way to think positive, I know…

>Stop hoarding! It many ways, it is worse when you get a bunch a sample products in all the time. Yes, this reeks of ‘Ooh these diamond shoes, they pinch!’, but the thing is, I’ll try something and love it, and then have to immediately start using something else, and then the first thing gets shelved, and I save it for when the second {third, fourth} thing runs out… except maybe the third thing is great, too? So 2012 is going to be the year of USE IT UP! <Yeah, that one will be a bust in a heartbeat.

>Purge and Prune I am actually pretty good at this. I have heard that products don’t ‘go bad’ or ‘go off’ the way we’ve been told, but nevertheless, there is nothing to be gained from having a load of half-used mascaras lying about. Into the bin! will be my rallying cry. <I can do this!

> … I hate making resolutions. I can’t think of anything else. Any ideas?

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