My World of Shampoo: Redken Extreme

I had been worrying about my hair. You can tell, can’t you, that I am a person who worries about her hair? I felt like it was thinning and that was making me nervous, and I was going to begin researching hair enhancement formulas, or whatever —

And then I came to the States for the holidays, and realized that it’s a water thing. And no, I don’t really understand.

Ugh, I’m going to google it in a second, but the basic gist is that the water is different here, and my hair is fuller. All the volume I feared I was losing is related to H2O, not to excessive flat ironing.

Based on this, I conclude that the water in Europe is… wait a second. Is it soft? Oh, bugger. Well, I don’t know. I was going to say I am used to soft water, but I found a map thingie that says Dublin water is hard. Whatever! The water is different, I swear, and I am pining for my shampoo & conditioner collection, because I am wishing for my Redken Extreme regime.

I don’t use all these, and in fact, don’t know what half of them are. I have the shampoo, conditioner, the Anti-Snap which is used pre-blow dry, and the hair mask called Rescue Force, which sounds like a Marvel Comic > and it does make my hair look marvellous {sorry.}

This is one of my many S&C families, and it’s for use on extremely {ha ha} damaged hair. My hair is showing more signs of super dryness and blow-awayness over here on this side of the water, whatever its hardness or softness, and I am wishing for some Extreme intervention.

I would especially adore the Rescue Force right about now. I love hair masks, and have fun experimenting with whether or not they work better on dry hair or damp hair {regardless of what the directions say.} This is great on dry ends, but best on wet roots, so if you are easily amused/challenged, you might enjoy making this happen. As someone who is easily amused/challenged and who also figures out these ridiculous things in the first place, I have to say that my hair responded extremely {sigh} well to this wacky approach.

At home, I use this S&C when I want super sleek locks, like for a night out on the town. I wouldn’t try to get a full day out of this lot, because my hair feels a little too slick at the end of an Extreme day. For me, this is perfect when I delay prep for the evening out until almost the last minute, and I receive nothing but compliments.

Redken generally succeed in putting the salon in a bottle, and here, they do that very well, in the Extreme.

Finding out €/£/$ is up to you, dear reader, it’s too fiddly to try to figure out all the elements. Bad blogger, Sue, bad!

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