In Which I Get Botox and Restalyne in My Face {V}

This is not the world’s best comparative photo, mainly because I took the ‘after’ with my computer, and am making the inevitable scrutiny-face at myself. And this was before the Botox kicked in. And — ah, feck it. Look:

Eek, if you click on the image, it will go full screen. Welcome to my world. My face, and what I had done to it, looms that largely.

I am leading with my chin in the after picture, and I am wondering: has that served to minimise the brackets? Or did the Restalyne really work?

Does my mouth look fuller, too, as a consequence?

I have discovered that the brackety things around the mouth are called, by science-y folk, melomental folds. How perfect is that, given how melodramatic and mental I have become???

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