Snap Judgements*: Springing into Summer

Or ‘summer’ as we generally call it in these parts. No! Let’s be more positive than that! We are springing into SUMMER here in Ireland, yeah!!! Let’s fake it ’til we make it!

Ahem. Snap Judgements is the way that you, the reader, can experience what it’s like to be a beauty journo when the stuff starts piling up on the desk. I’m going to give my instantaneous responses to a variety of products, and over time we’ll see if I was too hasty or dead on target.

Let’s begin…

Snap! Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Tinted Self-tan Gel is brown and sparkly, and it smells amazingly gorgeous for a self-tanner. I do realise that modern technology has rid most bronzers of that dreadful pong, but this is remarkably fresh smelling. Even though it needs a couple hours to colour-up, I already feel like the worst of the winter pastiness has been warmed. €14.99

Snap! The Body Shop White Musk Sun Glow Eau de Toilette is not the same as White Musk, the classic Body Shop scent that introduced Young Me to the wonderful world of fragrance layering. This is geared for that amazing summer we are going to have, but I am less than amazed by it. Bit too powdery for me, I think, but we’ll put it on for the day and see. €23.95

Snap! Maybelline ColorSensational Popstick in Pink Lollipop seems like a neonalicious little stick of shiny goodness, and then you put it on and it makes no impact. Not nearly as much fun as it looks. It is billed as a crystal clear gloss stick, but geez, what a lot of colour, just going to waste. €10.49

Snap! It took me about fifteen minutes to figure out that Vichy’s Liftactiv Flex Lift Teint Anti-Wrinkle Foundation was foundation, because their packaging is so hard to read. Upon first application though, I found it is worth the pain. Vichy have got a very deft hand when it comes to making super light foundation with astonishing coverage. Too bad I’m going to be bronzing it up really soon! I’ll have to get in a few uses, fast. €22.36

*I think it is American to spell it with that first ‘e’ because it looks too weird to me without it.

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