Fashion Police!

I like bright things, and beautyfull ones, and I will admit that when I lived in NYC, I loved nothing more than a knock off handbag. Oh, Canal Street!

But then, okay, when I sold my novels, I thought, I think I will buy myself a Chanel handbag! I went to Brown Thomas on a recce, and decided to go for the classic Coco version, and it wasn’t cheap. And I didn’t even get that big an advance either!

On the way home I started thinking about how maybe people wouldn’t realise that the bag was the Genuine Article? They would think I simply got it on my latest jaunt to Chinatown, or Cabra, even. And then I figured, eh, I’m never going to actually carry the thing, because the lambskin finish is so easily scratched, and then I thought Lambskin?!?! No way! Why not just sell it to me stuffed with veal, and then I put the money in the bank. {Which was good because it got me through the recession-y parts of 2009-10.}

I remembered all this reading about the above bust of the counterfeiting factory in D7. And I very, very much like the idea of the Intellectual Property Crime Unit. Awwwwesome. <This makes me come over all American, because surely — surely — this is in an initiative that has USA stamped all over it.

Any chance of getting a job there, I wonder. I feel like everyone there is, like, rilly smart? You know? Like? Although I suppose my forte would be counterfeit … foundation? I suppose fragrances get knocked off with regularity. Hmm, maybe not much of a future for me there, after all. Does anyone know anyone who works there? Sounds like it would make a good feature!

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