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…and not sure about that Cersei-esque holding image but hey — let’s go with it for a wee while. { Also not sure about the way it’s looking on mobile… I’m due new photos soon, so we’ll see what happens. }

BRB with new posts, additional themes, and more photos up my nose as I re-enter life post-Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning Diploma. Yay!


Talk about Aspirational: A Day of SS13 Launches

In a parallel universe, I live in the first season of Revenge. {Not the second season, even though Nolan got all weirdly ridey, in a Nolan-y way? Was it the haircut?}

In that life, I toddle around in shoes like these, with a bag like this swinging from my shoulder.
TH shoes n bag

Oh, Tommy Hilfiger, you always get this yacht-y vibe spot on. Can’t you just see me swanning around the gardens of Grayson Manor in those? Or in this?
TH skirt

That’s about as close to wearing orange as I can get, without looking like I ought to be carried feet first out the door. And with friends like Victoria — ha! One would get quite used to being prepared for the worst.

Rah-rah skirts don’t really suit me either. And the fabric is silky and I’m sure I’d ruin it in a heartbeat. But the combination of those sherbet-y colours is simply irresistible. I’m sure Vic would let me borrow Ashley to drop all my fancy clothes down the cleaners. {See, that’s why you really gotta have a fantasy life in S1, ‘cos Ash was still on tap, as it were.}

Over at Hacketts, it was, obvs, all about the menswear. Why hello… hmmm, Frederico. You’re looking well in your tighty whiteys.
HACKETT polo man
BTW, I know exactly how to use that mallet.

The trends are towards the bright and poppy, whilst still balanced by expert tailoring and layering. I don’t know, though, could I go for a man in vermillion chinos?
HACKETT silver fox
Yes, indeedy! Plus: zebra!

Aspirational turned a bit perspirational as I legged over to the Marks & Spencer launch. I’d already seen bits and pieces on Twitter, but there was nothing like seeing it in person.
M&S jacket
Love the nipped in waist, and I love leather {Frederico, take note} and I’ve been wanting a little leather jacket, but haven’t been able let myself indulge in the trend. This looks like it’s got some serious staying power. Not sure the non-lapel thing works with my frontage though. I guess I’ll just have to go try one on.

I didn’t get a snap of the big bucket-y shoulder bag they’ve got going on — I liked the red one. No, the blue one! No, the red one. Definitely. How about this little little bit of structural genius in teal?
M&S teal bag

Ah, fashion! How I love/hate you! You make me wish for things I may or may not actually need.

Speaking of need, I look good in blue.
HACKETT my other life
A classic Aston Martin convertible. Surrounded by dudes. Outside a gracious country mansion.

Hmmm, may trade in the Revenge fantasy and start shaping up this one…


Spring/Summer 2013 is here! And dammit, we are going to have the weather to support it!


Green Angel and Barnardos: Win/Win

Typing too quickly, that title came out ‘Win/Wine’ — which is not exactly wrong.

I’ve been off the Green Angel frequency in the last while, and am looking forward to giving some of their new products a go. In the meanwhile, here’s some infoGREEN ANGEL event about their fundraising fashion show in conjunction with Barnardos, at the Ballsbridge Hotel on 22 March.

{Click on the image to enlarge.}

The company use a lot of seaweed, which I love love love. I’ve gotten me paws on some Seaweed Cleansing Lotion with Cucumber and Sage Extracts, which I am gasping to pry out of its package and take it for a spin {TWSS!} There’s also some Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel that I’ll be happy to test, as well. Sure, I’ll try anything! {She also said that.}

Do support the initiative above, and make a day of it: go and get a blow dry, and/or your makeup done, and then take your bad self out and show it all off.


The Green Angel website is under construction; email them at shop@greenangel.com for stockist information.


More Jacket Lust. Yes, I Do Have a Problem

The problem is that I want all the jackets!

From F+F, the Waxed Four Pocket Jacket.

I had one waxed jacket once, because: horses, and it was so unflattering that I gave it to a charity shop. This is potentially sooo flattering because of the belt.

I wish this image was better, but it is the best I can find at this stage. This is priced around €35ish, maybe €40, which is still fairly amazeballs, considering. Given our Current Climate, economic aspects notwithstanding, a stylish way to repel the rain is going to score high on my own personal sheet.

This is a very equine-inspired olive, which I fancy somethin’ rotten.

Excuse me while I wander off down the local Tesco, I’m sure I’m almost out of eggs.

@*!&$# Penneys! Want, But Know Better!

I have an obsession with jackets and coats. This came down in my DNA — I had a conversation with my auntie once, about how many jackets and coats we had, and that we couldn’t seem to stop buying them.

Jackets and coats are lovely. They are smart. They have snaps, and buttons — and my favourite, zippers — and collars and cuffs and are car length or full length or cropped. They can be anything!

They are amazing.

Now this. This, I look at it, and I gasp and sigh, but oh holy night: if there is anything in this world designed to make me utterly unattractive, it is a furry coat.

I can’t even wear velvet! Too curvy; end up looking like a plush toy.

So I can only dream, but I bet there are one or two of you out there who can pull off this look.


Penneys Animal Faux Fur Jacket €35, in stores mid-September.

THIS: Rhinestone Skull Clutch Bag from beautycouture.ie

I love skulls.

Sparkly skulls? They just knock the love right out of the park. Oops, a baseball-y phrase. Or: kicks the love into touch. For all you Anitpodean/European rugby types.

This is the Rhinestone Skull Clutch Bag (€30) available at beautycouture.ie. It is 12 inches wide and 6.25 inches high, which is basically perfect. There’s a strap to relieve it of its clutchiness, should you so desire.

Look at his expression! It’s kind of piratical, right? Like he’s saying ‘Arrrrrr!’

I love him. *Sigh*

Fashion Police!

I like bright things, and beautyfull ones, and I will admit that when I lived in NYC, I loved nothing more than a knock off handbag. Oh, Canal Street!

But then, okay, when I sold my novels, I thought, I think I will buy myself a Chanel handbag! I went to Brown Thomas on a recce, and decided to go for the classic Coco version, and it wasn’t cheap. And I didn’t even get that big an advance either!

On the way home I started thinking about how maybe people wouldn’t realise that the bag was the Genuine Article? They would think I simply got it on my latest jaunt to Chinatown, or Cabra, even. And then I figured, eh, I’m never going to actually carry the thing, because the lambskin finish is so easily scratched, and then I thought Lambskin?!?! No way! Why not just sell it to me stuffed with veal, and then I put the money in the bank. {Which was good because it got me through the recession-y parts of 2009-10.}

I remembered all this reading about the above bust of the counterfeiting factory in D7. And I very, very much like the idea of the Intellectual Property Crime Unit. Awwwwesome. <This makes me come over all American, because surely — surely — this is in an initiative that has USA stamped all over it.

Any chance of getting a job there, I wonder. I feel like everyone there is, like, rilly smart? You know? Like? Although I suppose my forte would be counterfeit … foundation? I suppose fragrances get knocked off with regularity. Hmm, maybe not much of a future for me there, after all. Does anyone know anyone who works there? Sounds like it would make a good feature!

F+F: At a Tesco Near You

I can’t afford to be snobby about me garments these days, and janie, half of my wardrobe has it provenance from Penneys — and the other half I got in the knickers department in Marks & Spencer, so what’s the problem?

I suspect that hard-core fashionistas will come over all sneery about shopping for gúnas in Tesco, but I saw all of the S/S 2012 F+F line in person, and they look like real clothes… they feel like real clothes… so therefore… Continue reading

What’s Right With This Picture?

Okay, so, this might feel a bit dodgy in terms of coming over all judge-y, but I have to remark on this. Having been invited to view F+F‘s spring/summer offerings, {available from Tesco} I came out of it with a nice overview of the range, which featured many a piece that appealed to me, and CD of images. I fired up the disc and began making selects: there were two models, and I kept going back to the dark-haired one, because I couldn’t figure out why I was so puzzled… Continue reading