The Curly Hair Nightmare: The Morning After

Well, it wasn’t like laying my head in the lap of an angel: the Sleep-In Rollers, vaunted for being painless, weren’t the most comfortable things I’ve ever slept in, in my life. Less horrible than those clippy, foam-y yokes from childhood, and undoubtedly less tortuous than pincurls, there was still interference between the big, pink, slightly spiky curlers on my head and the pillow.

Now, I tend to fall asleep like a tiny little baby, with my hands around my head. This is a Reiki thing {more about this anon!}, meaning I am giving myself healing as I head into slumber. This posture helped me manage the foreign objects on my head: I smashed them sort of parabolically, and they were less annoying. It wasn’t like they caused pain — so that claim is true! — but come on, they are feckin’ awkward.

I had crazzzzzzzzzzzzy dreams: at one stage I was hanging out poolside with Lindsay Lohan, whom I called ‘Linds’, and her hair wasn’t very nice, but I didn’t think to recommend the rollers. There was some older dude who kept applying mascara, to his own eyes, not the eyes of Linds, and I borrowed it {?!?!?} and it was clear, which was completely weird and even in the weird dream, I knew it was weird. But I used it anyway!

I was expecting all sorts of carnage in the morning, but everything was really well in place.

{How cool is that photo?}

I see there’s something of a gap, and I probably should have used less hair per roll, but I get so bored so fast.

Not bad, though, I mean, you’re going to get stray hairs straggling out, so no big deal. I am, in fact quite impressed.

Roll on the rollout! This was a bit tricky, because the reasons that the rollers held so well is because they are prickly; as a result, they don’t unwind without some yanking. This is not so good for the curls. Inevitably, some hair got re-wrapped on the roller as I worked its way out my hair.

The first few locks were not looking impressive, but by the time I was done…

This is just finger-combed out. Not bad! Not curly, but definitely wavy, and maybe a 4.5 on the Big Hair Scale.

Hmmm. You know what, this result is only okay, and after all the rolling and the tossing and turning and running around in the dreamtime with Lindsay Lohan, I would have liked to look like I’d just woken up in the pages of Grazia.

My hair is very thin, and I can’t see this making it through a whole day of going out into windy, wet weather. I am also too afraid to comb it out because I think it will just flop.

Also: how is a male bed partner not going to laugh himself sick at the head on you? Unless he has a grá for one of the TOWIE‘s. And… yeah, let’s not go there.

Verdict: Eh. I mean, my hair has flippiness inherent in it, due to the cut. There is more body to it, which is cool, but I really am not convinced that this was worth it…

5 thoughts on “The Curly Hair Nightmare: The Morning After

  1. I think if you just do the front like a crown and add the tiniest bit of mousse while it’s still damp, nearly dry, and then roll up and sleep on it, it would give you all the body and stay all day.
    Portia xx

    • Portia, I was totally thinking that: just do the front bits and see what happens… also: I really do think the dampness is key, too. We’ll see, may give it a try!

  2. Your result is lahhhvely but I’m definitely with you, mine really wasn’t worth the nights sleep either. Laughing here at your waild dreams, the only dreams I had were lucid ones of sitting up and pulling the rollers from my mane. Do you think you’d use them during the day? It’s the only way I will again, besides, all of those TOWIE people wear them out and about – if they’re not stupid ‘enough’ to lie on them then we really are missing the point I think. (Love your photos btw)

    • When I went to bed last night I was like, OMG no bricks of pain in my hair!
      I *guess* I might try them during the day, although I had to run down to get something from the postman and was MORTO with those stupid things sprouting out of my head! It’s worth giving them one more go, maybe for a couple hours before heading out of an evening? Eh. Thanks re: photos, God bless whoever created the front camera!!!!

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