Sleep-In Rollers: Later That Day…

Now, in fairness:

I didn’t even so much as comb this hair, and even if it is not big and bouncy, it still does look as though I have at least flat ironed it. This is significant because my hair is this half-arsed wavy affair and it never does ‘flat’ by itself.

Still not convinced it was worth the discomfort. There are some great recs in the comments from yesterday’s post, go and have a look. Cherry Sue, who blogs here, thinks that sporting the Sleep-In Rollers during the day might do the trick; Portia blogs at Australian Perfume Junkies {awesome!} and has a brilliant idea re: minimizing the pain and still getting the benefit of the whole rolling-up thing.

Also considering that The Hair had been washed the day before, taken out to dinner, and then rolled up and slept on… I don’t know, I think that needs to be taken into account.

Also: documenting The Hair provided endless amusement to commuters who were waiting for the LUAS at Ballyogan. Who’s yer wan? She keeps taking pictures of herself!

Here at Bright & Beautyfull! we do what we can to lift everyone’s spirits, on and off t’internet.

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