FitFlops: A Personal History

THE FLOPS, DO THEY FIT? In 2010, I completely banjaxed* my left leg from about mid-calf to the arch. It was a combination of having torn a muscle practicing for a dressage test, and jumping up during an apparent scored goal by Team USA during the World Cup.

Yeah, it doesn’t get any better after two years of telling. Anyway, one missed test and one supposedly offside goal later, I was limping around town like… like a famous limper from fiction or the movies. I can’t think of a character right now, but he or she was me, and it was awful. I went from horseriding four times a week to sitting on my couch, and when I did have to get up to get somewhere, I couldn’t go more than fifty yards without wanting to cry. I became quite expert in the Dublin Bus infrastructure, and also in RICE {rest, Ice, compression, elevation.}

The only thing that got me through, and got me around, due to the clever construction of their wobble-board sole, were my FitFlops.

I am actually, even as I write, wearing my first pair, one of the originals with the suede upper. I remember dithering about getting the white/red ones, or the ones with the sequins, but back in the day, these were really hard to find, and the selection wasn’t great. So, the black ones were the safe bet. I bought them a size too big because my proper size felt bitey in between my toes; however, once they stretched out, they became relegated to the indoors, and have become very pricey slippers.

Second pair came close on the heels {haaaaa} of the first Flops, mainly because it was winter all of a sudden — and what a winter it was! I bought the suede muppet-y looking boots because, again, the selection available in Dublin was, in a word, crap. I am fairly certain there had been a leather option, but not when I went looking round the shops. Of which there were two, Arnotts or Korkys. I couldn’t seem to order them online for delivery to the Republic, so I went with what I could get. I bought these a size too big as well, which is dumb in retrospect, but I remember my normal size, a 7, felt that bit too tight.

I also remember the man who was serving me in Arnotts kept calling me Your Majesty, which was perfectly okay by me.

Then I got a pair of the ones that came out in 2011, with the silver-y studs. Very biker chic. The size 7 is still a tiny bit nippy around the thong part, but otherwise the fit is better.

Then, 2012:

{Wait! No! I got the other trainers, the FF Supertone in Pewter. I think they came out in 2011. They have a roundy toe, but are much less muppet-y than those boots are. I still very much love them.}

So: these. The Super T Sneaker in Sporty Blue is canvas, and colourful with it. I was particularly happy about the stripey laces. The sole is the new triple density Biomimetix™ midsole, which feels less wobbly than the sole that’s in the old school boot.

They are cute, and I love the blue/orange combo. I find these to be pinchy on my baby toes, and on the advice of a pal, lace them more loosely, but even after a few months of reasonably regular wear, they haven’t broken in all the way. On the upside, I’ll get longer wear out of them. On the down, hurty feet.

On the up, up, up side! This season’s big launch is the Dué, a ballerina style pump that bless me and save me, I can wear with a little skirt. Because two years on from that complicated, I am still rockin’ the Flops, because of the miracle sole.

Oh, I adore this shoe. This the shiny black patent example. There’s one in cherry red that is just gorgeous. And a combo brown leather one, which, eh, wouldn’t be my first choice.

And what about the much vaunted fitness-y aspect of these yokes? Well, I have gone down two centimeters in my calf size. I know this because of measuring my legs for half chaps.

It’s a significant change, because none of the boots I got from fit anymore. This is too bad about the boots, but now I have a greater range of choice when I need to replace my chaps.

I am hoping that the pumps fit perfectly, and I am also hoping that Arnotts, who seem to have really upped their game as regards their FitFlop concession, get in a good supply. I’m not the only one talking about these…


*This is a very Dublin term that means all effed up; would really love to know the etymology.

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