Another Psychic Moment at Bright and Beautyfull!

Beleaguered postman #2 buzzed quite authoritatively this morning. It sounded… annoyed. {Dude, this is in fact your gig, delivering things.} As I came round the landing, I saw this brightly wrapped parcel in his hands:

Who in the world was this from?

Oh. Okay! Luckily, Barry’s Tea is my brand. {And within it, I prefer the tea that comes in the green box, not the red. I think this makes me a heathen?}

I shook the parcel, because that is what you do with parcels, and unwrapped it rather sedately. It is tea-related, after all.


More people are drinking the green stuff, I think maybe in the mistaken assumption that it doesn’t have caffeine in it — it does, in fact. Or, maybe they want their caffeine in a form that is more holistic-y, or something?

The thing is! It is good for your metabolism, which I found out because an FB friend posted a little chart showing what foods help boost it, and I made a note in my phone to get several next time I was in the shops and look:

Totally. Psychic! Welcome to the New Age, folks.

I like the look of the Green Tea & Lemon, which is only €2 for 40 bags. Soothing, and good value!


Barry’s new teas are available in all major shopping chains in Ireland.

The other psychic moment was the Marilyn stuff the other day.

Had to check the spelling of ‘psychic’ because it looked really weird.


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