Inexplicable Marilyn Moments: Or Are They?

I was going through some bits and pieces I had torn out of magazines, fodder for future collages and vision boards, and there was Marilyn, big as life.

I would not be a … I was going to say huge fan, and I wouldn’t be, but I think by that I also mean an obsessed fan of her persona. You know, because I don’t get ever get obsessed about anything. Ha, ha.

Or by that I think I may mean that I absolutely recognise that she was talented — and funny! — but I don’t know that she was any more tragic than many women walking around out there, living lives that are markedly less glamorous, sure, but with their own brand of pressures.

But, lordee, that woman could rock the red lipstick.

I went through a phase, years ago, that I am thinking I may revisit: nothing on the face but foundation and red lipstick. It’s a strange combination of innocent and provocative; I think at this stage in my aging process, I’d have to add eyebrows. Hmmm, hang on, may go do this now.

That is Lush’s Liquid Lipstick in Decisive, from the new Emotional Brilliance line. I am loving this new collection, and this — this is an iconic red if I have ever seen one. It is a bit drying, as I found with the other sample I received, but a dab of lip balm takes care of that. Last week, just for the craic, I put on some Passionate a couple hours before horseriding, and it lasted all the way through the evening until I got home. The pigment is astonishingly robust, and this is as blue-y a red that was ever made to suit my colouring.

Also on the face is Omorovicza Budapest Complexion Enhancer, a tinted moisturiser that I think adjusts itself to suit your own complexion. It costs a bomb, and I am hoarding it. Which I probably ought not do, but it costs €110. Tell me you wouldn’t do the same.

I still am very keen on my Clarins Pro Palette for my brows, and I plumped up the lash line a little with the truly eejit-proof 3 Dot Liner.

So what is inexplicable is that I only watched My Week With Marilyn on Friday night, two nights before the 50th anniversary of her death. Weird! {Conversation around the table last night: Kenneth Branagh? Wouldja? Signs point to yes.} And then the magazine clipping showed up. And now the red lipstick.

Am I being haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe?!? How cool would that be?


In the interest of not getting sued for copyright infringement, google Marilyn red lipstick to see what I mean. 


Oh, shoot. That Botox I got by accident is starting to wear off…

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